Tuesday, December 1, 2009

MESSAGE NO.74. Growing Up the Next Generation.

Sri Ramana Seva Ashram , Rachapalli.
Pin -533430 .
Prattipadu Mandal ,East  Godavari, 
Andhra Pradesh. India.

Arunachala Shiva and Nandieshwara In Ashram.

Arunachala Shiva in Ashram.

The Ancient Cave, The Abode of Lord Shiva, Near Ashram.

Great Saints used to meditate in This Cave.

Twins Together.
Ramaswamy and Lakshmana Swamy.

Mr. Dattatreya, in meditation in Ashram.

All good habits has to be inculcated in Childhood.
We can fine tune them in that Age.
It is easy to bend a growing Plant than a Grown up Tree.
When Grown up, they will have their own set of Convictions 
good and bad - Deeply Rooted in Mind.

Growing Up the Next Generation.
Great task ahead.
Imparting Modern and Traditional Knowledge.

Life is Colorful.
Remove artificial smiles.
Spread love from the Heart.


Dont argue, Unnecessarily.
It is Waste of Time.


There will be always Generation Gap.
Between the Young and Old.
Balance it and Make life beautiful for both the Parties.


Food Safety, Avaialablity of affordable food for all.
is the Need of the Hour.


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.
Maintain Regular timely Food Habits.
Try to Spend that time with Family and Friends.

Encourage outdoor sports for Children.

Activity in the Evening 
helps Kids Growing up in a Happy Way.

Come join with Us.

Let us Together Walk in

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


The Sense of Self identification with body, 
Individuality with Pride is the Foundations for
all types of Useless and Undesirable things. 

So we have to destroy it at all costs. 

Then the True Self will become “One” for you 
and Shines within you ceaselessly. 
That is liberation,  That is realization for you. 

Knowledge and ignorance both belongs to Mind only.
The True Self is beyond these Two Things.

All Vedas, Scriptures, Religious Texts will convey One thing.
These texts are useful for explaining the Supreme Power of Atma and it Existence.
They will show the Path for reaching Your True State

The essence of them is to clarify you that you are part of that Atma.  
 The Main intention and Purpose of These texts is to tell us about our True state of Atma., Otherwise they are useless.

If we know from where this sense of Self is arising, 
then our fate will be wiped out from face.
Who is having that Fate, It is there in Mind, 
It is just creation of Mind, 
When it is destroyed who will have that Fate.

We believe that we are bound by our Destiny. 

We experience all types of troubles, agony, Pains and suffer from them.
 If we search for our true self and experience the true Self,
then there will not be any difficulties for us.

----- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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