Saturday, December 26, 2009

MESSAGE NO.96. "". WHY NOT IN YOU .''''.

Preparations are on for Arunachala Ramana's 
130th Birthday celebrations in Ashram.
Sri Ramana's Grace across the Globe.

Swamy Ramananda and Swamy Lakshmana.
Twins under the Guidelines of Arunachala Ramana.

Children removing the old paint from walls.

This work is given just for the sense of Participation.

There are Some Women devotees,
who after finishing their household duties,
come and Paint all premises in Ashram.

Competitive Spirit is the Driving force for kids.
If one is doing good, the other wants to do it in a better way.
When We Grow
We deal with others with our Pride and Ego
Always expressing our superiority Complex.

Once in Six Months Recheck all house hold items.
Find out the things which are not useful for You.
And donate it to poor and needy.

Dont Throw them in Dustbins or Scrap Yards.
Just remember how pity it is to see people searching in Dust Bins.

Residential quarters of Devotees.
Simple and clean accommodation will be provided to all Devotees.

A new Kitchen Cum Stores is constructed to Accommodate more People
for Daily meals Program.

We Dont want to Spoil our Hands with Paints.
The little girl says
"""My father is working in Construction of Temple,
so I will be here till evening.
I just came here to see the Progress of construction."""

Everything is moving in right directions.
Now the ashram is reaching out to more and more People.
Let all of us spread Sri Ramana's Message for a meaningful Existence.

this Ashram is Ours.
Come here and Just see how we are enjoying here.

There are several Boys, Girls, Men and Women, all with different skill sets,
Teachers to Farmers, software experts to Truck drivers all are actively
Participating for the preparations of Sri Ramana Jayanthi.
All contributing with Money, materials and Service.
According to their Capacities.

Mr. Chander Rao and Mr. Arunachalam after doing some works in Ashram.
Sat together in Garden.

They made this age old method of water flow.

This Plant is Growing out of the Garden.
So Special Care for it.
Some Grow with Comforts and luxuries.

Some grow with Love with bare minimum things.

It all depends on  how we Groom.
Like a Child or grooming influenced by others.


There are several boys who run away from Home.
Due to Various Reasons.
Understand them. Love them .
Some needs special Attention. 
Dont put them under pressure.
Let them enjoy their childhood.

Dont transfer your stress on them.

Allways try to help the Poor and needy children.
Just have a look around Your Area
 Consult Ashram and help them through Ashram.

You have the Strength to do wonders.
Just try to know Your trueself.
then the whole world will be beautiful for You.

Marigolds blooming in Garden.
Always start the day with activeness and activity.

Never Allow a Moment of Dullness enter Your Life.

East or West.
left or Right.

We All are One.
Dont go Here and there.

Left and Right in search of Peace.

Just remain where You are.
Know Yourself.
Everything is there inside You.

Just try to learn and practice  Sri Ramana Maharshi's Preachings.
Which will help us in knowing our trueself.
Please feel free to contact us.

Come to Ashram.
Join with Ashram.
Assist the Ashram in its Humanitarian Projects.

Let all of us travel together 

The way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


When this illusionary Mind disappears,
Then nobody will be there to tell you that God has
Created this thing and that thing.

All Your feelings about god are created by mind and
It takes firm seat in your mind.
Set aside all issues related to God and know about your true self.
Then that will be an end to all your mind’s games and an end to all your doubts.


Trace out the roots of the Single thought of “I “,
From where it is coming and finding it
Remaining in that base is your ultimate destination.
If you know about your true self, you have known God.

In reality god is not separate from your true self.
When you want to see god in all human beings and living things,
Then Why not in You ???,
What all non-duality preachers call as True Self (Atma),
That “ONE” is called as God by Devotees.


When true knowledge awakens, all godly qualities will crops up on their own.
Who ever travels in  the path of true knowledge,
 For transformation and acquiring heavenly qualities,
Self-inquiry is sufficient for them.

All bad qualities are taking shelter under your pride and ego.
When that Mind is destroyed all bad qualities will be eliminated
And the knowledge of your true self comes to you naturally.

The concentration of Mind in its true state keeps you
Sitting on Eternal throne with eternal happiness.


All good qualities, all heavenly qualities are flowing as under currents
In the knowledge of your true self.

Unless Mind is destroyed a Man can’t get “Peace of Mind “
and remain in comfortable state.

Destroying the Mind in the Path self-inquiry,
Is the ultimate border to be crossed.

When Mind is eliminated then Eternal bliss remains.

------ Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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