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Lord Arunachala Shiva and Mother Appetha Kuchamaba, 
The Deities of  Arunachalaeshwara Temple Complex, 
Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Sri Ramana Seva Ashram, Rachapalli Village Pin Code - 533 430.
East Godavari dist, Andhra Pradesh, India.

19 Years back a Brilliant light emitted from the Photograph of Sri Ramana and touched the Heart of Sri Ramananda Swamy.

He realized that he got the Anugraham(Blessings) of Sri Ramana.

All are requested to go through below hosted photographic presentation to know one of the 

rarest of rare history of Sri Ramananda Swamy.

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Ashram is having peaceful Atmosphere for Devotees.

Anyone can come to Ashram
for mediation and learning Sri Ramana's Way of Selflessness.

All people around the world are requested visit the Ashram
talk to Sri Ramananda Swamy for Sri Ramana's way of selflessness.

Swamy Ramananda Established Ashram on 15.08.1990.
 After getting the divine Blessings of
Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Everything Happens for A Reason.
Sri Ramana's Blessings to Sri Ramananda Swamy,

is for  some Purpose.
Some Duties to be carried out by him

As per guidance of Sri Ramana Maharshi.
Swamy Ramananda and Swamy Lakshmana.
Dedicated themselves to Sri Ramana.
Two Ashrams - Two Villages .
Twenty Years of Dedication.

Only Sri Ramana For them.
Every Moment.
Nothing Else.


19 years ago, when Sri Ramananda was sitting in Vangalapudi Ashram, 
A brilliant light emitted from a Photograph on the wall and struck his heart. 
He became unconscious. 

After Some time he asked "Who is that Old Man In Photograph".

Then Paripoorna Mathaji Explained about Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Then he realized that he got the Divine blessings of Sri Ramana Maharshi.


After Vangalapurdi Experience, Sri Ramananda visited several ashrams.
One day , when he is sleeping on the steps of an Ashram,
Sri Ramana came and told him " Go from where you have started, and stay there ".
Then he returned and established Ashram at Rachapalli.

Sri Ramanada Swamy, immediately after Sri Ramana's Anugraham, 
went to
Arunachalam by walk.

Before Sri Ramana's Anugram,
he worked as daily wage laborer,loading and unloading,
road digging, he even worked when blood is flowing from hands.
He worked without consciousness of day, night and time.

Do you think that he is Sri Ramananda Swamy ?
He is Sri Lakshmana Swamy, twin brother of Sri Ramananda Swamy.

Sri Lakshmana Swamy, stays in our Second Ashram below holy hills.

We are having Sri Ramana Devalayam and Lord Shiva Mandir in this Ashram.

Its a Great wonder that small kids, who studied upto 5th class,
worked as daily laborers, sometimes without food,
sometimes blood flowing from hands on road digging work,
dedicated themselves to Sri Ramana.
Its a great surprise that both are being blessed by Sri Ramana Maharshi .

Bhagavan Will show them the way for their humanitarian 
social,spiritual,and devotional Activities.

Sri Ramananda Swamy, stays in first ashram.

In First Ashram We are having Sri Ramana Devalayam
Arunachaleshwara Temple Complex construction is going on.

Amidst Natural beauty , Ramana Devalayam's
are there in Two Ashrams.

Anyone around the world can know from Ramananda  Swamy -Sri Ramana's way of selflessness.

Ashram accepts all types of donations by Seva, material and money for its
humanitarian social,spiritual and Devotional activities.

Every rupees is valuable to us.
 We request all devotees around the world

to donate for Ashram's Activities.

With the support of devotees of Rachapalli and other surrounding villages
the Ashram developed from twenty cents of land to five acres.
Since 19 years the devotees are coming in to
the Sri Ramana's way of selflessness.


 Arunachalam in Ashram,  a model temple complex of 
Arunachaleshwara of Tiruvannamalai, is being constructed in Ashram.

Sacred Stones from Arunachalam of Tiruvannamalai
were used in Temple Foundation.


Work up to roof level - is competed still lot of work has to be done
all devotees around the world are

requested to contribute generously.


 A small hill resembling Arunachalam will be constructed.
Inside it a Dhyanamandiram will be constructed for meditation.
In DhyanaMandiram108 Crores "Arunachala Shiva" likitha (written)
Japa books will be sanctified.

Total 21 temples will be constructed and a Small Hill resembling Arunachalam, on
western side of Rajagaopuram, will be constructed.

Ashram is Totally depending on Devotees Assistance.

Now it Needs assistance from All.

For Its all Humanitarian Big Projects.

Which are being taken Up by the Guidance of Sri Ramana.

All the Villagers around the Ashram helped it Grow in 20 years.
from small Hut to a 5 Acres Ashram.

People around the Ashram Respect Twin Swamys
for their Preachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Please come To Ashram And
Meet Swamy Ramananda for Peace and Happiness.

Most Powerful Messages are conveyed in silence.

Bhagavan Ramana and Lord Dakshina Murthy.

There are Several cows and Calfs in Ashram.

You can adopt One Cow or Calf for its Monthly Maintenance.
with Your Support We will add 
More Non- Milk giving Old Cows under Ashram Care.

there are several Poor girls and Boys who Need Educational Support.

You can Help them through Ashram.

Assist Ashram in Reaching out to Needy.


Sri Ramana always showed disinterest in arguments.
He has shown indifference towards our Beliefs and Opinions.
This is the most important lesson we have to learn, follow and implement it.
All our Beliefs, Opinions, traditions are just creation of Our Mind.
----- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

In Deep Sleep, all Your Wealth, All Your Assets and  Liabilities,
All your Relations,
And Including Your Body -  Nothing will be there.

But You will experience total relief in that delightful State.
So Our happiness is not in Out side world.
It is there inside us, in a concealed State.

You have this Option and Possibility of knowing your
True self in a Awaken State, Not in sleep.

We have to put in efforts in a wakeful state,
in this earth, in this birth, to experience the True Self.
The Experience about Your True state of Atma .

------ Sri Ramana Maharshi

A Right Guru Comes to You At appropriate time.
Without any of Your Efforts.
To guide You in the path of Self-Inquiry.

Ramananda Swamy and Lakshmana Swamy.

There are Several Boys and Girls
Who are doing Service to Ashram.

Day and Night.

Learning from him the Meaning of Devotion and Love.

All the Friends are requested to Visit the Ashram.

They can spend some Peaceful time in Service of Arunachala Ramana.

All types of contributions.
are accepted .

Drop by Drop it makes an Ocean.

Every Contribution is Valuable.

Money, Materials and Seva.
all are valuable in Completing Ashram projects.
Arunachala Ramana in First Ashram.
Where Sri Ramananda Swamy Preaches Sri Ramana's Teachings.


Serving food for then Needy is a Noble Deed.
Assist ashram in its Free food items Distribution to Poor.

Arunachala Ramana in Second Ashram.
Where Sri Lakshmana Swamy Preaches Sri Ramana's Teachings.


Arunachala shiva in the presence of Sri Ramana in Sri Ramana Devalayam.
Construction is going on for temple for Arunachala Shiva.

A Super Specialty Hospital is Planned for serving nearby villages.

Old Age Home and Children Home will be Constructed.

Ashram Provides Free food to all Devotees.

All Devotees are requested to Contribute 
Generously for its All Humanitarian Projects.

Ashram is helping Poor women with Monthly Ration.

Every month old age people will come to Ashram to collect monthly ration.

All are requested to Assist Ashram 
in Helping the Poorest of Poor .

The Sense of  “Self” – Identification with body has to be eliminated
in different stages of Practice of Self-Inquiry.

Fear, Pride, affection and animosity,
Attachments with people and things,
Jealousy and hate,

All these are symptoms showing,
the state of sickness in Mind.

For curing this there is only one Medicine -

That is loving all living things without any Exceptions
Caressing them with total Equality.

This is the first and last step in the path of Spirituality.
---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.


With Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi's Guidance,
Sri Ramana Seva Ashram is taking up several humanitarian projects.
All the devotees around the world are requested
to support the Ashram in its Social, spiritual
devotional projects . 


Arunachala Shiva, Arunachala Shiva, Arunachala Shiva, Arunachalaaaaa.

Join with Us.

Come to ashram.

Assist Ashram in its Projects.

Let us all travel  together in

The Way of Selflessness  -  Sri Ramana's Way.

Experiencing Your True Self is the First responsibility for you in this Life.
Without knowing yourself, if you know about all other things
Your agony and anguish will not vanish.

Self – Inquiry is Your First Priority.
That is the only “One” Duty for You.

You worry that some relationships will end,
You fear that some people will leave you,
You fear that others will go away from you due to death.
But in reality you are distancing yourselves from knowing Your True Self.

Just think who is having that distress.
Destroy that Mind which is experiencing all types of
Sorrows,  by way of self-inquiry.

Then who will be there to Experience that Grief.
The Experience of Grief drives us craving for Practicing Self-inquiry.

The Root Cause of all your Sorrows is your inability to know Your True Self.

In Reality, Your true state of Your True Self is the Sea of Eternal Bliss.

 ------Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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