Monday, December 7, 2009


Lord Arunachaleswara and Mother Appetha Kuchambha
Arriving in Ashram.

A New Temple complex of 21 Temples, is Getting Ready for them.

Everyone Can Contribute to Ashram According to their Capacity.

Secret Shiva Under Water Falls.
Near Our Ashram.

The Graceful god Lord Shiva,

According to Legends He resides in Himalayas.

Temples, Hospital, home for All.
Big Projects are in Pipeline.

Some 15000 People will come to Ashram from nearby Villages.
On 30th December,on the Occasion of  131st Birthday of
Sri Ramana Maharshi.
They Contribute according to their Capacity.

All Friends are Requested to Assist the Ashram.

We are Happy that 5000 Devotees are connected with ashram Globally.

We Respect all Devotees of Sri Ramana Globally and Locally.
We all are One.
Under the Guidance of Sri Ramana.

All are Requested to Assist the Ashram.
for Reaching out to More Devotees.

By Doing Various Humanitarian Activities.
With Your Assistance.
Swamy Ramananda always Kept Low Key In Publicity.
Now the time has come for us
To Reach Sri Ramana Maharshi More Intimately
With Swamy Ramananda's Assistance.
Different Shade giving Plants will be Planted
Around the Temple Complex.

Shortly it will become More Peaceful Place.

Come and Join with Ashram.
Ashram is Yours.

All Temples are being Observed to
Build a Best Temple in Ashram.

Now the work up to roof level is completed
Still lots of work to be done in Ashram.


Goddess Gayatri Matha. 
The Mother of the Universe.

Goddess Saraswathi.
Goddess who Grants Knowledge.

Goddess Santhna Lakshmi.
Goddess who blesses us with children.

Goddess Lakshmi.

The Goddess who gives us Wealth.

Morning under Mango Tree.
Always Enjoy Mornings with Peace.
Start the Day with Cool Mind.
No Frustrations No tensions.
All Your Days Are Good.
Just Remember Sri Ramana the Mind cools down.

This Young Swamy 
Came to Ashram
With Sri Ramana's guidance.

To Serve Sri Ramana Maharshi.

The wonder is he is also born as Twins.
His Name
a wonder 
it is

Lakshmana Swamy.

His Twin Brother is Married and leading Normal Life.

So Sri Ramana is Bringing different People together.

Come Join with Ashram.

Who Knows what work he will assign to You ???

Now He has taken a role on his Own.
Co-coordinating  Devotees Between Two Ashrams.

Which are within a Radius of Twenty Kilometers.
Swamy Ramanada and Swamy Lakshmana
the Real flowers of Sri Ramana.
Spreading his Message.
for them Everything is Sri Ramana Nothing else.

Come Join with us.
Be a Part of the Team.
in Building a Global Ashram.

Let all of us Travel Together in

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


Eternal Bliss is always Yours,
If you Search for it Whole Heatedly, 
You will Gain it.

The Reason for Your Distress is not there in
Your External life or in External world.

The Reason for Distress is there inside You in the Shape of Your Pride and Ego.

All distress is Due to that Ego.

When The Reason for Your Sorrow is there inside You,
What Benefit You will have by accusing and applying that
Distress to External Incidents ??.
What comforts You will have with those External Things ??.

Even if You Got Some Comforts how long they will last ??.
Just like a Bubble they will burst away.

Identify Your True self – Within Yourself through
the Path of Self-inquiry to be in that Eternal Bliss Ceaselessly.

In Reality You are that Atma,
Remaining in that Your True State and
Experiencing Your Eternal Bliss in ceaseless way
is the Only Option for You.

------- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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