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Lord Dattatreya's Birthday Celebrations held At Vannepudi Village.
on 01.12.2009.
Near Sri Ramana Seva Ashram.

Dear Friends, Please read all these messages Patiently and Peacefully. 

Thank You for all your Love and Concern.
Towards Ashram.

Swamy Ramananda is Invited as Guest of Honour.


Every Year these Village heads will orgnize 
Lord dattatreya's Jayanthi and Grand Poojas
  and Pilgrimage Center for Devotees.

These Festival Celebrations are organized Every Year
Near The Temple of Lord Dattatreya.

Swamy Ramananda and Swamy Lakshmana 
Were Honored and they

inspected the New Temple Premises for Lord Dattatreya.

The Second Incarnation of Lord Dattatreya,
Sri Nrusimha Saraswathi.


Devotees worship The Feet of Lord Dattatreya.
The First Guru.

This Temple in Vannepudi Village is More than 50 years old.

Thousands of People offered Cocounts
at the feed of Lord Dattatreya.

With gods Guidance try to make some good difference in Society.


The Villages are free From Noise and Air Pollution.
Still lots of works to be done to improve Sanitation.

A cost effective Waste management system has not yet be Invented.
Just think about this
With Gods Guidance You may find a Better Solution.

Implementation and Awareness both are important
for changing the Mind Set
for New Methods.

Cooking Gods Prasadam for More than 10000 People is a Challenging Task.

But for these Men, with enthusiasm to Serve God,
it is just a Child's Play.

The Rice Preparation, with Turmeric, Tamarind ,
Ground Nuts ,Curry leaves, and Spices, All fried in Oil and Cooked.

Swamy Ramananda Inspecting the Cooking .
Mr.Rambabu, One of the Village Head Explaining Swamy.

Timely adding of ingredients, Step by step gives Tasty Preparation.

The Process of learning Sri Ramana is also by step by step 
in the way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana'Way.

Oil content has to be Reduced,
As it is reason for some heart ailments in India.
peoples intake and digestion capacities are reducing with Junk foods.

Every one uses the Same Ingredients.

But the Taste will be Different.
As different as finger Prints.

There are so many Devotees who Explained Sri Ramana's preachings.
 Swamy Ramananda  Explains in Simple digestible tasty Manner.


Swamy Ramananda Inspecting the Cooking.

He shows enthusiasm in all Works. A Guru Knows all things.

He Monitors every message hosted for Sri Ramana's Devotees.

The Young Generation is the Hope for Future Oneness.
Let all of us teach them the Basics of Sri Ramana's Preachings.

Pure Drinking Water is Essential.
The water sources are diminishing.
Ice is Melting. 
Natural Sources protection and 
Optimum usage without wastage
is Need of the Hour.

It is Team work which gives Good results.

Some Are assigned duties at temple,
some are at Cooking,
some are at Dining,
Some at Managing the People.

Gods Prasadam also Sent to nearby Places and
for people Who are not in a position to Attend.
All Young Boys are Assigned different duties.

Packing of Prasadam to People
for distributing around their Houses.

Thousands of Prasadam Packets  Distributed.

Everyone Participated with total Enthusiasm.

The Huge quantities of Prasadam packed in minutes.

Tasty Meal and  Dreamless Sleep.
Essential for Everyone.

From Kitchen to Devotees
Everything in Perfect Flow.

Everyone participated with their Helping Hands.

Extend Your helping hand to Ashram for its Projects.

Join with Sri Ramananda Swamy.

People are with total devotion at temple and
at group Poojas in specially Constructed Tents.

Father Concerned about Kid.
Parents always prefer kids over all other things.
He will put the plate down in split Second,
If Kid Needs his Attention.

Little bit worried.
Can You Imagine What worries Her ??
May be the Huge gathering of People.

Now got Little confidence.
Kids are lovely
and Equal to God.
Your total attention is required for them 24/7.
It is Your duty. Put other things aside.

When She Grows Up, she will move confidently.

Simple village girls, Kind at Heart.
with Minimum Needs.Happy and content.

Great Devotion to God and Education.
Took a break and Came for Gods Lunch.
Everyone is realzing the importance of Education.

Education is not only for Earning by Acquired Skill Sets.
When Grown up, it is for leading a Meaningful life.

Let them enjoy Childhood and
School days in the way they want.

These Girls are smart,
Applied leave for School to enjoy once a Year Event.

Kids are always curious to know new things.
She is looking at the Grand Cooking Process.

Let us encourage them in their activities.

All are under the Shade of God.

Under Special tents food is served to thousands.

All Men and Women Participated with total dedication.

From Temple to -  Lunch ---and from there---
to Special tents---- for Group Poojas.

Swamy Ramananda having a word with a Saint.

the Pilgrimage Started at Morning.
  continuous flow of Devotees. The whole Day.

People Sitting in Line for Group Pooja.

Each One did Pooja to Lord Dattatreya
According to traditional customs.


Every one men and women
boys and girls
All are totally dedicated to Poojas,
for the past 40 days.

the final pooja is held now, On Datta Jayanthi.

During these 40 days of Pooja  they sleep on floor,
with some other traditional customs.

After this Grand Pooja.
They will come back to Normal Dress Code.

Swamy Ramanada and Swamy Lakshmana inspecting the Day's Activties.

Lord Dattatreya's Graceful Presence with Us.

Food is the Essential Source of Energy.

A healthy body keeps Mind Healthy.

Let all of us try to Provide food for those Weak and debilitated Persons.

Certain People don't have earning capacity.
Nothing wrong in helping them with Food.

Sit with hungry People and Serve them.

You can see their Contentment in their Eyes.

Let us Not Waste the Cooked food and food Products.
It is a Grand gods Process from fields to Our Homes.

 Intoxicating Palm Trees.
These are natural Source for Country Made Liquor.
Don't Buy and Consume Liquor for 
Drowning  Your Mind in Dirty Deeds.

Buy something good for Family and Kids.

In Drunken state You Loose Your sense of goodness.

All Your Reputation of life, 
will go down the Drain with a Single Bottle of Liquor.

You Create a total Dirty Environment around You.
Troubling all People Concerned about You.

In Crowed Management, 
There should be order - otherwise it results in Stampede.

In Villages, Even Now, 
People will come out of their Main Door, 
During their Food taking time,
to Invite Someone for Sharing their Food.

Always Ensure food Safely for Family.
You can ensure this with hard work and Dedication.
In Your Duties.
Leave a little bit of Greediness and Selfishness.


Everyone busy with their Roles in life.

The Caretakers of the Kitchen.

A little bit of negligence of adding More salt, will spoil the Entire Preparation.
So Give importance to every minor detail in your duties.

All are Happy with Gods Lunch.
Cleaning Process will begin soon.

The Village heads are Happy.


The Women are smiling and sharing their experiences.

Men are Happy. Women are Happy.
Social meetings are necessary for Understanding and helping people Around us.

Small huts and small houses.
Big in heart , Big in love.
In Love with All.

Thank You for reading all this.
Please Read the following with Concern.

Swamy Ramananda and Swamy Lakshmana 
Returning From Vannepudi Village
After Datta Jayanthi Celebrations.

Several Humanitarian Projects are in Pipeline In Ashram.
Temple Complex, Hostpital, Free Food and Home for the Needy.

All are requested to give us a Helping Hand in Ashram's Projects.

The 131 Birthday of Sri Ramana Maharshi will be Celebrated on 30.12.2009.

All Are Welcome to attend to this Grand function.

Sri Ramanada Swamy Welcomes all to Ashram.

Dont take Burden on Your Budgets.
Contribute according to Your Capacity.
Money, Materials , Service
And spreading of Sri Ramana's messages all are Accepted with Gratitude.

So Do Your duties and Jobs with Responsibility.

Dont be negligent Like this Man, who is sitting above the Gaint Tyre.
A small stone can create trouble for him and also people around Him.

Drive with Responsibility in a Relaxed Safe Manner.

Look at this Man.
The entire Express highway Empty.
Still following rules of Safety.

let us take Inspiration from this Man.

Accept Goodness reject badness.

Swamy Ramananda Stands alone
and Guides all with the Guidance of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

With Sri Ramana's Guidelines
All Big Loads are carried smoothly and effortlessly
in Our journey of Life.

Come Join with Ashram.

Let us Travel together in 

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


Good and Bad- both are Guru”s for us in this Universe.

If we see Good things, we feel like doing them.
If we see bad things we feel like leaving them.
It all Depends on Individual choices and Conception of things in Mind.

We make a Mould of these things and follow them with firm formations in Mind.

The whole world is like a Big Garden.

A cuckoo will search for Mango Tree for its fruits.
A crow will search for a Neem Tree for its Fruits.
Honey bee’s will be behind floral plants for Honey.
Flies will be in search of filth and dung.

A person in search of Shiva Linga will search in Stones.
He will extract only that one among different stones and
Will do Pooja For Shiva Linga.

The Sacred Shiva Linga is available in “Stones” only.

If bad is there we can recognize Good,
In Darkness only we know the Value of light’s Brightness.

If illusion(Maya) is there, God will be there.

An Explorer will find “One” Good thing among hundreds of Different Things.
He will Take That “Good” thing and Reject all others.

His entire Focus will be on that “One” Good Thing Only.

Practice Self-inquiry, to Know that Eternal One.

The True State of - Yourself.

---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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