Sunday, November 29, 2009


Sri Ramana Seva Ashram,
Rachapalli -Pin 533 430
Prattipadu Mandal, East Godavari District
Andhra Pradesh, India.

Sri Ramana's Temple in Ashram.
His direct Grace on You, No Doors In between.
In the path of Self- Inquiry.

Arunachala Shiva After Abhishekham.

Arunachala shiva and Nandieshwara in Floral Decoration.

Arunachala Ramana in Ashram.

Devotion is the first Step for Promotion to Spirituality.

Swamy Ramananda Sitting in one of the 
Medical camps organized in Ashram.

Brother and Sister.
Mother and Father.
Husband and Wife.
Guru and disciple.
Ramaswamy and Lakshmana Swamy.
All are Based on Mutual Trust and Love.
God has created different colorful species.
But Our Mind discriminates people with different Colors.
Let us all forget about this,
let us lead a Multicolor life, 
By spreading Love and Concern,

As the Source of All colors is One.
Just think about Sun light and Rainbow.


Change the Outlook towards the world.

See the Beauty and Nurture it.

Be concerned about all 
Rich and Poor.
Young and old.
Spread the love.


When You Spread the love, 
You will have four fold benefit.
Love,Happiness, Peace and Health
all Yours.

Have a Look around the Seasonal Changes of Nature.
Things will never remain the same.
Accept all changes.
Good and Bad
with Equality.

leafy Vegetables are good source of Vitamins.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean.

Sri Ramana's Vehicle, bringing people to Ashram
to lead them in 
The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.

A Right Guru Comes to You At appropriate time.
Without any of Your Efforts.
To guide You in the path of Self-Inquiry.

So with right Guru,

Flow all Your Dirty thoughts
Deep down the Drain
of Black Hole, The Point of No return.


Then, a New and Beautiful life Begins For You.


Come to Ashram.

Talk to Ramananda Swamy.
Learn from Him.
Let us all travel 
together In

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


The Sense of  “Self” – Identification with body has to be eliminated
in different stages of Practice of Self-Inquiry.

Fear, Pride, affection and animosity,
Attachments with people and things,
Jealousy and hate,

All these are symptoms showing,
The state of sickness in Mind.

For curing this there is only one Medicine -

That is loving all living things without any Exceptions
Caressing them with total Equality.

This is the first and last step in the path of Spirituality.

Sri Ramana always showed disinterest in arguments.

He has shown indifference towards our Beliefs and Opinions.
This is the most important lesson we have to learn, follow and implement it.

All our Beliefs, Opinions, traditions are just creation of Our Mind.

----- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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