Saturday, December 5, 2009


Lord Dattatreya and Arunachala Ramana
Under Holy Tree on the day of Karthika Deepam.

Kids are enthusiastic about  Pooja.
they Participate in All functions.

kaarthika Deepam in Ashram is lighted at 
Same time of Arunachala Deepam.

All Devotees Decorated the Temple.

Swamy Ramananda in Meditation.

Dedicate Yourself to God with Desire-less Actions.

With Body we Do Worship Gods.
With words we pray God.
With Mind we do Meditation.
One superior than the Other.

Self-inquiry is the Ultimate One.
Practice that One , to Become part and Parcel of that One.

Swamy Ramananda Delivering his Discourse.

Swamy Lakshmana.

when Self-inquiry is made to Know about the Mind.
at the end there will not be anything like Mind.

We Design different Plans Continuously and try to Implement Them.

But In reality GOD is running this Universe with a Master Plan.
That "One" Only will be Implemented.

A Rational Person will Stop Making Plans and 
Will Go for Total Surrender to God. - Sri Ramana Maharshi.

 View of Full Moon
From Ashram on 01.12.2009.

Every Full Moon is auspicious to Pray Gods.

All Mental Activity Revolves around The Thought of "I".
Know that "I'' ---  Your True State.

Through Self-Inquiry We will know from
Where that Thought 
of " I " is Coming. -- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Swamy Ramananda Lighting the Karthika Deepam.

Kaarthika Deepam In Front of Shiva Linga.

Deepam is Nothing but, Lord Arunachaleshwara.

Girls, Women old people all Lighted the Deepams.

Before Sri Ramana, all Are Equal.

Three Generations Together.

Now we are having our own limitations -
all living Separately.
In their cocoons .

in their own worlds.

let us Rebuild the relationships to Live together.
At least re-establish the Contacts.
don't be Drifted by Mechanical Money Making Madness.
Ignoring all types of relationships.

According to Scriptures,
Lighting of Deepam in the Month of Karthik, 
in Lord Shiva Temple during evening time 
will wash away all our Sins.

Old Women Lighting the Deepams.

Incense sticks are used to Transfer Light 
From Main Deepam
to Other Deepams. 
No Match Boxes.

Poojas, Devotional Songs, Bhajans all are first Steps.
There are different rituals in different Customs.
But all leads to One.

These are necessary for People Like Us.
As we are not Saints.
Mr. Rajaram from Tamil Nadu,
Great Devotee of Ramana. 
Sitting in Center with Twin Swamys.

He is Having Triple Protection.
Sri Ramana Maharshi and Twin Swamys.

Sri Ramana's Grace is there on all of Us.

Cooking and Serving both are Different.
Proper Serving makes meaning to Cooking.
People at all ends to be taken care of.

Elderly Women Content with Food.

 No Desires to visit Denmark and Delhi.

Their Only Asset is Devotion to
Arunachaleshwara and Arunachala Ramana.

Nothing beats Mothers Love.
Her Presence makes us confident.

Only Gods love is Superior than her Love.
Devotees Brought all food items.
Cooked themselves and Served All.

Boys and Girls all enjoyed the Deepam Festival.

Content with the Single Item Served.

Now We have No time to sit and eat together.
At least on sunday's sit and Eat together.
With all Members of Family.

Different roles, Different Shifts of duties.
No time to See each Other.

Imagine what is there in this Kids Mind.
Only Mother Knows Well.

There are Several Projects of Ashram.
Temples, Hospital, Free Food for needy
and Home for the Needy.

All these Projects have to come into Light.

Extend your helping hand to bring them to Limelight.

These women are Poor in wealth,
Rich in Love and Dedication to Sri Ramana.

These women Recite the Mantra
Arunachala Shiva, Arunachala Shiva, Arunachala Shiva,

for Hours in Deep Dedication to God.

It is a Surpirse for Us , 
even Young kids are Fascinated by Sri Ramana.
 It is all gods Guidance.

It is character which is Important, Not Education.
God will give livelihood to Everyone Educated or Not.

Now Education Means Acquiring Skill Sets for Making Money 
Acquiring comforts with that in Life.

We Made Education to Youth Like that.

Let us Educate Youth on Sri Ramana's Principles of Life.

Some time Back,  
This boy walked alone Midnight to his Home from Ashram.
Some Truck Drivers Shocked at the Fearless Walk of this Boy.

With Sri Ramana behind us all our Fears will fade away.

When Mind sets are fine Tuned from Childhood, 
Nothing disturbs them --- when they are Grown Up.


All women completed their household Duties 
before coming to Deepam Festival In Ashram.

Responsibility will be there with them , where ever they Go.

It is Mothers and Grand Mothers Responsibility to Groom the Kids.

All are praying for speedy completion of the Projects.

Sri Ramana's Presence on all Corners of the world.

Let the Knowledge of Light ,Come to Us.

Ashram is Having Beautiful Pictures of Sri Ramana.
Will be Posted to all Devotees.
They are distributed Around The Ashram.
Every Vehicle is spreading Sri Ramana's Message in Silence.

Join with Ashram in Spreading Sri Ramana's Message.

Lord Ganesha.
Eldest son of  Arunachala Shiva.

The Eldest in the Family is as Responsible as Father.

The Doors of Ashram are Open for all.
Please come and visit us.
At your convenient time.
You Can share Your Experiences  of Sri Ramana Maharshi
With Sri Ramananda  Swamy .

Let all of us Listen to Him.
Assist him in his Projects.

In Sri Ramana's Way , Not Even dogs are left Alone.
His Grace is there on all Living things.

Join with us.
Extend a helping hand toAshram's Projects.

For executing Under the supervison of 
Sri Ramanada Swamy.
This Ashram is Yours.
Visit us at Your convenient time.

Let us all travel together 


The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


During Self-Inquiry you will Experience
Different types of Thoughts
Coming up in Mind.

That is Correct.

Whatever is there inside,  that is coming out.
Unless it comes out how you will destroy it.

Those Thoughts will come out on their Own
for getting suppressed in the  Step by step process of Self-Inquiry.

Ultimately the Mind will be destroyed through this Process.

Then you will remain ceaselessly in Your True State of Atma.

Humans are under the illusion that all their happiness is due to Wealth.
They are under the wrong impression that
If wealth grows their happiness will Grow.

But in reality it is not correct.

In Deep Sleep, all Your Wealth, All Your Assets and  Liabilities,
All your Relations,
And Including Your Body -  Nothing will be there.

But You will experience total relief in that delightful State.

So Our happiness is not in Out side world.
It is there inside us, in a concealed State.

You have this Option and Possibility of knowing your
True self in a Awaken State, Not in sleep.

We have to put in efforts in a wakeful state,
in this earth, in this birth, to experience the True Self.
The Experience about Your True state of Atma .

------- Sri Ramana Maharshi.


  1. excellent ashram and excellent updates.

    Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya
    Prasanth Jalasutram