Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Arunachala Shiva in our Associate Ashram.
Lord Ganesha, Eldest Son of Lord Shiva.
In All Poojas And Bhajans, The First Poojas and Prayers are offered to Him.
Arunachaleshwara, Nandieshwara and Arunachala Ramana in Ashram.
Swamy Ramananda - ready for spreading Sri Ramana's Preachings.
Swamy Ramananda and Swamy Lakshmana .
Twins Under the Care of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

The ten Incarnations of Supreme Mother is Presented Below.
The Ten Incarnations of Goddess Parameshwari.
Kali Matha, Tara Devi, Bhairavi, Dhoomavathi, Chinna Mastha,
Tripura Sundari, Bhuvaneshwari , Bagali Mukhi,
Matangi, Kamalatmika.

Devotees chant 1008 names of Goddess Parameshwari During Poojas.
The Above Statues of Goddesses are Near Ashram.
Nourishing Body and Brain.
With Proper Food and Good Thoughts.
A Healthy Body makes You wealthy in Spirituality.
Come Join with Ashram.
Assist Ashram in its ongoing Projects.

Let all of us Travel together in

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


Whoever is born in this world has to experience difficulties Here.

Right from Birth to Death.

All Difficulties you have to sort out according to your Capacity

And with in the scope of Your Solving capabilities.

If You can make attempts with Your strength and

With in the circle of Your Capabilities – that is enough.

Sometimes those problems will be sorted out.

Sometimes those Problems remain without any Solution.

All this depends upon our understanding.

The way in which we receive and Comprehend.


So A learned Man after gaining this wisdom,

Will never accuse the God – Like a Devotee ,

who blames god for not granting boons and also for not removing his Difficulties.

When The Desires, the fears and

The sense of self identification with body - is not there with you,

Then there is no need of any assistance from God.


A learned Man will remain firm and Stable by accepting

The Truth of

“Whatever has to happen, It has Happened”.

For this state of acceptance ,

A strong detachment with worldly passions and Proper Comprehension is Necessary.

If You got this Two, the Detachment and Comprehension,

You will realize total Tranquility in all types of situations.

The reason for a devotees anxiety, and a saints serenity is

Their Thinking Pattern Only.

The reason for all our restlessness and tranquility is

Our Thoughts Only.

When we are in Spiritual Path , it means, We should remain in

Steadfast Stable State of Mind.

----- Sri Ramana Maharshi

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