Friday, December 11, 2009


Arunachala Shiva in Near our Ashram.

Please have a closer look of Sri Ramana's Statue.
He is always having his guidance for people who are entering his Path.
He is seeing all who are coming from Distance.

Now You are under his direct Grace.
Face to Face.
Swamy Ramananda and Swamy Lakshmana.
Under the supervision of Sri Ramana.
There are so many Devotees around the world.
Spreading Sri Ramana's Fragrance of Knowledge.

Graceful Goddess Durga Near Ashram.

It is Not a Painting on Wall.

Goddess Durgariding on Tigers.
To Eliminate Evil forces.
Inside and Outside.
In world - In You.

These roses are not related to this plants species.
Regions, relations and rituals all are creation of Mind.

Swamy Ramananda 
always ready to guide us to take in
Sri Ramana's Path.

Remove all Your Pre-fabricated Patterns of your Perception about this world.
Just Know Yourself. 
Guru's guidance is Granted for You.

Banana Trees in our Associate Ashram.

Just Relax and practice self-inquiry.
there are no measuring sticks - No time Frame.
Just Gods Grace.
which is there with You every moment.
You have to Experience it - Very Simple.


In the path of Self-inquiry 
don't step down and go in side tracks.
there is no time for Rest.

Come to Ashram.
Assist ashram in its Projects.

Let all of us travel together 

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


When you identify yourself with your body,
All associations with worldly things will arise with vigor and Vitality.
When You practice the self-inquiry of “Who am I” ,
Those subconscious impressions will go away.

Work is also God.
While working ensure that meditation also goes on simultaneously.
You should not sit idle with laziness.

That work should be carried out in thoughtless state.
While working you should remain uninterruptedly
With total awareness of Your True State of Your True Self.

 Sometimes Anger and sorrow, refusals, resentments and denials are necessary.
They will be coming and going.
Don’t take them seriously and don’t think about them repeatedly.

Different comforts and difficulties will be coming and going.
If you do self-inquiry,
Without thinking about them,
Without giving any importance to them,

Then -  Nothing will be there.
Nothing will come Near to You.


If you go on finding faults with others,
 can Your Mind Get Purified ???
Inquire within to know “Who You Are “ .
Rectify Your Mistakes – Know about Yourself.

When you experience your true state,
You will not have any feelings towards this world and its content.

This world will not go anywhere.
When You know your true state,
You will know that this world is - Just a deceptive illusionary unreal world.
--- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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