Thursday, December 17, 2009


Arunachala Shiva ,Nandieshwara and Arunachala Ramana in Ashram.

Boys with Bhagavan.

Swamy Ramananda Making a Note at Satsang.

There are hundreds of Boys who visit Ashram on Sundays and Holidays.

All come with neat and clean faces.

It is Mothers and Teachers who are grooming them.

All these boys go to School.
Irrespective of Poor or rich.

To Prevent the Drop outs from Poor families,
The Government has provided Free Food and Free transportation to School Children.
They will have Mid day Meals at School.

All these kids Love Sri Ramana as Grand Papa.
They Collect Sri Ramana's Pictures and Stickers
and use them in their books and use as book Marks.

Education is Very important for them.

With Education they will acquire the materialistic worlds
Competitive Knowledge.
Whatever it is - it is required for them.

Unless Skill sets are acquired  with education
it is very difficult to survive in this Mad Mad Materialistic World.

Their Desires are very Limited.
They are Happy with a Photograph with Sri Ramana.

Ashram will take Kids to Arunachalam in Batches.
it will be a Vacation and Holy Pilgrimage for them.

Nutritious Diet is very essential for growing kids.
We all know this.
But how many of us are having time to spare for them.

Train them in Multi Skill Sets.

Dont say No to  kids small Desires.
After all you are Earning for them.
But don't Pamper Them.

Hi, All of You Learn Sri Ramana's Preachings.

There are Several kids who grow along with Ashram.

Let them learn some art like music, painting, singing etc.
Extra curricular activities are essential.

They are having their own hectic Schedules.
Let them relax and read at home comfortably.
dont allow them to waste time on Wasteful activites.

Let them keep smiling always.

Always listen and enquire about their Problems in Schools
Some Strong kids may be bullying the weak Kids.
It will have a great mental bearing on their delicate Mind.
 All these truths are known to all.
Implementing is the real challenge.

Always at Home in Ashram.
Please feel free to visit us.


Ashram is planning a Kids Home for Poor and Needy Children.

Let all of us Help the Poor and Needy 
Around Us.

All The boys from ashram are requesting everyone to Come to Ashram
On 30th December on the Occasion of Sri Ramana Maharshi's Birthday.


Come To Ashram.
Join with Ashram.
Assist the Ashram in its Humanitarian Projects.

let all of us Travel together 

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


As long as the sense of self-identification with body is there,
troubles and difficulties will be there.
When the desires are very strong the mind can not move towards your true state.
In that state, you can not experience peace.
When you want permanent peace you have to leave all types of desires.
There should not be any mental bonds and associations with
worldly activities and things.
There is No other Option for You.


Unless you develop disinterest in external activities,
Which you are doing in this world, you can not remain in your true state.
In a desire less state, accept all things as they come on their own.
If you reform your self then the whole world is reformed.


For a devotee or for a saint what they require is Mental Peace.
It Can’t be brought from outside and given in a Platter.

With proper understanding, with regular continuous practice, with a strong disinterest and detachment from worldly things, it is possible to attain it.
Self inquiry helps in great measure in this process of finding peace.


In Self-inquiry the mind will be controlled in step by step
Staged manner and ultimately it gets eliminated.
If you start traveling in the path of self-inquiry , over  a period of time,
You can clearly understand the disappearance of Mind and
Existence of your True Self.
There is no doubt about this.

In that state, whether the mind is in controlled state or in eliminated state, is not a big problematic issue.


A Saint knows what He is.
For him , he is also atma and others also Atma.
Then where is the question of any difficulties for him.
What ever comes, it is for body only --- all comforts and sorrows.
So I am not that body, so where is the question of any problems.


Devotion is with in the scope and level of Mind.
But Knowledge is beyond the scope and reach of Mind.
It is like a light which shows the route to a traveler in his Journey.
That light shows the high raised ground or low ground,
And Pits and holes in the path.

That light helps you to lead the journey carefully,
But it will not remove the obstacles in the path.
Similarly Knowledge helps us in understanding the world,
But it won’t help us in removing our difficulties.

With Proper Understanding you can remain Peaceful.
The Understanding of Your True State.

----- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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  1. excellent and liked the ashram activities a lot.

    Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya
    Prasanth Jalasutram