Sunday, December 13, 2009


Arunachaleshwara, Nandieshwara and Arunachala Ramana in Ashram.
Sri Ramana's Grace on All .


Ramananda Swamy under the Guidance of Sri Ramana.

Love makes life multicolorfull.
 No Moment of Dullness.
Let all of us spread Sri Ramana's Message 
as it is very essential for all
in this present days of stressfull life.

Dont Get worried if someone denies Your love.
Just remain in love with your true self.

Then Everything You see As One.

You will glow with Radiance.
As these Plants are shining.

See the Environment Around You.
Try to Protect them .
Think, innovate and Implement.
Your Mind is Powerful.

Dont Feel inferior to any One.
No one is Superior or Inferior.
all are One.

Protect Plants around You.


Share the Love.
See the Beauty around the world and its People.
Try to bring happiness on the faces of people around You.

Help others according to Your Capacity.

I will show You "GOD "
How ????

we are always under suspense to see God.
That will be clearned Now.
Can You See Electricity in this Towers or wires.
But You know the Power of electricity  to lighten up the homes of Millions.
Similarly God is within You.
Like That Electricity.
With Infinite Power.
With his constant Grace.

When You Positively Practice self-inquiry
all Your negative energies will go
then The spark of Enlightenment fires inside You.
To give ceaseless Peace.


Then all material comforts will become immaterial.
You can be in those comforts and difficulties.
Without any bearing on You.

Come to Ashram.
Recharge Your energies with Sri Ramana's Grace.
Be in touch with us through facebook.

Let us thank Facebook and google.
The world and technology is beautiful.
All depends on the way we receive it.

Assist the Ashrams in humanitarian projects.
We all are one.
See god in your Ashram's Projects.

Join with us.
This Ashram is Yours.

Let all of us traver together 

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.

Whatever “One” gives to others, either good or bad,
That will belong to “Him” finally at the end.
Without knowing about You,
Knowing about others is not Knowledge.

If You have some Shape, God will also have a form.
When You don’t have any form,
How can God will have a form ???.
Then How to see the formless One”.

 When You know about your True self, then there will be nothing left to be known.


As Inhaling and exhaling are essential for your life,
for remaining in your true self, total absorption in meditation is necessary.

When Your True state firms up in you,
The sense of identification with body,
Association with bodily pains, nothing will be there.

This firmness is possible,
By giving just simple necessary food to body,
By ignoring all types of physical comforts and difficulties,
By ceaselessly remaining in Your True Self.

----– Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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