Thursday, December 3, 2009


Lord Dattatreya's birthday Celebrations in Ashram.

Kaarthika Deepam Festival is also  held at
Arunachalam in Tiruvannamalai , Today.

Deepam Representing Lord Arunachaleshwara.

Swamy Ramananda Under Holy tree of Lord Dattatreya.

In Kaliyuga, Lord Dattatreya has taken Five Incarnations.

For Pooja and Everything Cleaning of surroundings is Essential.

The Coconuts  are used in Poojas.

Mr. Pandu Plucked fresh coconuts from tree for Pooja.

Attending to Daily duties is Important.
Pooja has to be done Just before Start of The day.

The First Incarnation of Lord Dattatreya is
Sri Pada Vallabha.
Swamy Ramananda and Swamy Lakshmana.
Spreading Sri Ramana's Fragrant Messages.


There is a Great Connection between 
Lord Dattatreya and Sri Ramana Maharshi.
We will Explain all in Messages.

the Second one is
Sri Nrusimha Saraswathi.

The Third and Fourth are
Swamy Samartha and Manikya Prabhu.

The fifth Incarnation is
Shirdi Sai Baba.

Lord Dattatreya is the First Guru.

He preached Tripura Rahasya
Sage Parushurama.
It is the First Ancient Scripture on Atma Jnanam.
(The Knowledge of Atma).

Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi Asked all his disciples to Read 
Lord Dattatreya's Tripura Rahasya.

Rudraksha malas On Holy Tree.
According to Scriptures Lord Dattatreya sits under this Tree.

Lord Dattatreya's and Sri Ramana's Grace is there on all of us.

Love, Peace and happiness to
All Living things Around Us.
Come Join with Us.
Assist Your Ashram in present Projects.

Let us all travel
together in

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


Without any connection to our thoughts,
it is possible to remain in Pure Consciousness State.

The State of remaining in True State of Atma.

Our Thoughts are strongly conditioned with pre- determined conclusion
that it is impossible to remain without thoughts.

If one realizes this Mistake,
he will not suffer unnecessary pains with his foolish thoughts.

After awakening different thoughts, the Mind will be struck in
that Maze of thoughts and suffers from it.

The only thing we have to do is remaining without thoughts.

Whether to be bound by those thoughts 
or stopping those ceaseless thoughts and 
gaining liberation has to be decided by you. 
Both are in Your Hands.

You are always bound by your conception of different thoughts.

We did different deeds in the past.

 For experiencing fruits of those deeds this body is created.

The roots for all our deeds are our thoughts.

So this body is also a result of those thoughts.

Bearing all these try to attain a state of  thoughtless State.

Attain this by way of Meditation and Self-Inquiry.

Then You will Experience the complete True State of Yourself.
The Existence of the Eternal Atma.

 The Eternal One.
 ----- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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