Friday, December 18, 2009


Arunachala shiva.
There is no rest for god.
He is there within you, Every moment.

Graceful Arunachala Ramana in Ashram and Everywhere.

Swamy Ramananda under the graceful eyes of Bhagavan.

Your Fruits of Labour will never go Waste.

You may not get the Desired Fruits , Even after having lots of Money.
Now the fruits are beyond the reach of Common People.

Why ??

Cutting them, Exploting them, 
More and More Demands with increased population
with more and more desires
So the land under cultivation is diminishing

Just Cutting, Cutting, Cutting. 
Go ahead
It takes Years  for a tree to grow.
Now we have no time to use axes,
Just electric power motor blades witch flatten forests within hours.
Just for our Endless Desires.

The Palm tree when planted, it will be smaller than this floral Plant.
They cant Express their feelings.
Only Humans have the Rationality,Expression and discretion.
Let us use them Properly to Protect them.
It is left to Your discretion. Everyone has a role to Play in this Matter.

Even after prevention and laws
There are different methods to execute environmental destruction

It is all for our endless chase for Money 
to Satiate our Desires.

Let all of us help in protecting our Environment and Mother Earth.
to Start with our surroundings.

Unity is strength let all of us work together .
Let us Educate all our friends and implement it in our surroundings.

Actually these boys are flattening a land 
for cultivation of Grass for Cows.
As there is no grass , no forests for grazing by cows.
It is a pity that in towns , Grass also has become a commercial commodity.
So , So many truck loads of wood is going On roads.
Every Minute.
Let us Reduce the usage to Minimum.
Let us try to plant trees around us.

Now only rich can afford wood and wooden Products.

There is one More issue.
Our Endless energy requirments.
without electricity , Nothing Moves Now.
Let us try explore new avenues for Electricity.
without Destruction of environment.

And All our water resources has to be protected.
Dont contaminate them with filth and Plastic.

Our Desires have created Endless lines.
electrical Lines.
Railway Lines.
Telephone lines.
Mobiles towers in lines.
Cable and internet lines.
Road lines.
Express lines.
Underground Pipe lines.

As an Eye wash 
We are content with planting a row of plant lines.
After destroying fertile farm lands for our endless desires.
By creating different Lines.

Is there any other lines in the Pipe line ???

Dont be with negative feelings with all these thoughts.
Still we have time to improve.
Let us Improve together.
By understanding problems of all.
Let us """transmit good thoughts""" among friends. 

We all Are one.

Dont Congest your mind with narrow minded thoughts.

Good thoughts will give good results.

Just relax , think , act.
According to Your Capacity and Strength.

Lord shiva taking food from Matha Annapurneshwari.
Let all of us try to eradicate Poverty and Hungry,
For less privileged People.


Come to Ashram.
Join with Ashram.
Assist ashram in its humanitarian projects.

Let all of us Travel together in

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.

Even after gaining all types of knowledge,
Even after renouncing all material comforts,
Even after attaining detachment from worldly passions,

Even after leaving all types relations and things of this world,
Just like a blade of grass,
one thing remains with you.

That is attachment with flattery and praise.
That flattery makes you fall flat on the ground in the path of self-inquiry.

Listening to praises blinds you in your rationality and
Judgment of comprehending things.

You will be afflicted and disabled in your path of self-inquiry,
With those deeds influenced by Praise.

Succumbing to compliments is like surrendering and
Addiction to amorous lustful activities.


There should not me any thoughts of Me , Mine and
Other thoughts identified with body.
You should not see others as different from You.
You should remain without discrimination between others and yourself.

Non- duality has to be experienced by you,
But don’t implement it and experiment with others.
Don’t behave foolishly and become a laughing stock.
You may be having that Non-duality experience and
You know what your true state is,
But others may not have that knowledge and Experience.


When the mind is moved and stirred
This world appears for you with its all contents.
When it remains in stable state that is Liberation.

---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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