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Arunachala Shiva .

Arunachala Ramana in Ashram.

Swamy Ramananda.

Under The Graceful Guidance of 
Sri Ramana Maharshi
Swamy Ramananda and Swamy Lakshmana.


Water is the most essential source of energy.
Most of the diseases are water born.
Check stale water around your houses and remove them.
They are breeding grounds for Mosquito's.
We all know these basic things, But who will follow it ??.

Always Listen to elders and learned People.
Dont ignore and laugh at the advises of learned people.
Dont think that they are out of present Generations imagination.
You will fall in your journey if you go on with your own convictions.

Always try to accept your mistakes.
And rectify them as soon as possible.
change yourself.
Identify Yourself.
then the whole world is beautiful for You.



This Girl is suffering with  swollen tonsils .
When taken to hospital she refused treatment due to fear pain.
Her Elder sister brought her to ashram.
within three days she gained some confidence and mingled with all.

Regular Medical check up is very essential for growing children.
Nutritious food is very essential for good body growth.

The five Senses.
A dog is  good at the sense of sniffing.
An eagle for the sense of sight.
A Snake for the sense of touch.
An elephant for sense of  Hearing.
A Tiger  for the sense of Tasting.

Dont succumb to all Sensual and bodily pleasures.
All Sensual pleasures are endless. 
Once we Start enjoying them there is no end.
It is like down the drain of desires. 
a Point of No return to Your true state.

Know Your trueself. 
Make Use of Your Senses in a Better Way.

Blooming Flowers of Marigold in Garden.
Intoxicating Toddy Trees.
Natural Liquor is extracted from there Plants.
We loose all our senses and credibility
with just a bottle of intoxicating Drink.
Don' t waste your time , reputation and money on them.
Make better use of Your Money
by spending on Poor and Hungry.

You are Unique and special.
No one is inferior. No one is Superior.
God has Given Special roles for each and Every One.

Perform Your role and responsibilities with total dedication.

Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi's Temple in Ashram.

Let all of us spread Sri Ramana's words among
our friends and relations.
They are Very helpful in leading a Meaningful life.

Just look at the Petals positioning.
Nature has given us directions for our technology.

Let All of us try to find out alternative sources of energy.
Now the nature has to be protected and 
Forests and Farms under cultivation to be developed in a big way.

Just Recheck the things you brought from super market. 
All Junk items.
approximately 30% of the items ONLY,  will go for food consumption.
The balance is all junk---soaps,shampoos, creams, sprays, 
floor cleaners,fairness creams for face cleaning, 
detergents, room fresheners door mats,etc. all endless choices.
They became so Part of our life's , we are addicted to them.

Avoid Junk items,
Buy natural healthy food items which gives strength to Your Body.

Come to Ashram.
Join with Ashram.
Assist the Ashram in its Projects.

Let all of us travel together

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


You become dizzy with desires while rotating in this
Giant Wheel of worldly passions.

While on the ride you will experience ecstasy, fear, happiness,
Joy, sorrow, remorse, repentance of riding on the wheel,
All in minutes.

There will be ups and downs and different swings of moods in split seconds.
At the end of the ride you will same as before.

 Birth and death just a Cycle.

If you are on true ground,
Forget about all worldly things and attachments and know your true self.

                                 ---- Datta Swamy.

Through self –inquiry only this mind gets destroyed.
This world is just an illusionary Magic show.
Are we deriving any benefits from these affections,
Attachments, animosities and hatred.???,
If you go on inquiring like this,
That mind gets eliminated in a staged Manner.


After appeasement of your Pride and Ego,
After experiencing total satisfaction,
All these comforts are useless.
All lustful activities are diseases.
They are like fruit juice laced with poison.

When Inclination towards enjoyments and pleasures diminishes,
The liberation will come to you, at your Door step.


If ego gets eliminated where is the question of any obstructions?
And stumbling blocks ??.
For This, Diversion of Mind with energetic excessive efforts is necessary.
Constant application and renouncement are the tools in the Practice.

Mind is bound by conception of thoughts.
It constantly creates some formation of things and relations,
And also conditions it to interact with them ceaselessly.

And those thoughts and resultant actions will be binding on that Mind.
 If it is without any impressions, it will be released for freedom.

Leave all favorite things which give satisfaction as poison.
Unless we analyze and inquire it is difficult to leave all worldly comforts.
When you closely examine the nature of those things,
You will find out their defective useless nature.

When you do a scrutiny of all things and relationships,
Which give you various comforts,
You will find their defective distressful nature.
Then it will be easy for you to renounce them.

When Mind gains strength it creates an imaginary world.
When mind gets eliminated that is liberation.

This entire world belongs to Mind only.
 It is a vicious circle created by Mind.
  Like a snake eating its own tail.
It creates its own world and bound by that.
It creates its own binding bonds.

All five elements are from Mind.
 A Friend is from mind.
 And an enemy is also from mind.

Mind makes formation of things and imagines with its thoughts and
Expands its area of operations with its activities in this world
And it will be bound by them.

Whether you are doing something or not doing anything,
You should not have any inclinations and interests in your Mind.


In reality there is bondage. No Liberation.
When the mind itself got eliminated,
Where is the possibility of their existence ??.
Both of them are just Minds imaginations.

---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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