Saturday, December 19, 2009


Arunachala Ramana,Arunachaleshwara and Nandieshwara in Ashram.

Mr. Dattattreya - a kid with concentration and determination.

Arunachaleshwara Temple construction is going in ashram.
Every Sunday No of boys and girls will visit ashram.

To have A Sense of Participation.

If they are interested in something,
they will do with total care.

It is just fun and happiness for working in Holy Temple Construction.

Dont underestimate my capacity.
I can do wonders with my tiny hands.
and Big heart.

Always team work pays good results.
Helping each other.
Let us help the Needy.

Hi,  I Love New York.
All cities are Mine.
All countries are Mine.
We all are One.

Two is enough for You. 
Leadership qualities and followers both are essential

for mutual benefit based on pure trust.

Dont Keep boys and Girls Delicate and weak.

Give them good nutritious food for strength.

Kids try to avoid food. 
But request them and explain them -

The good eating Habits.

Team work will attend to great tasks,
and the results will be always as desired.

In addition to regular studies in school.
Practical lessons of Survival has to be inculcated from childhood.
So when they grow up and enter into this Materialistic world,
there may not be any sudden surprises for them.

For others it may appears to be a strain for me,
But the reality is there will be no pain
when we work with total dedication.

Some suppressed problems may be there in their mind.
they too have stress full life's in competitive studies and schools.

Always attend to their problems ,when ever there is any change in their behavior.

Dont feel pity at my load of bricks.
Actually i am enjoying carrying them.
I will give some of my Joy to You.
Come and Take ........................

always have a watchful eye on their friendships.
A group of kids will behave in different manner.
when guided by a Naughty Kid.
he is in different thoughts. Not in carrying the brick.
whenever you find a change in kids behavior ask them for details.

United we gain. divided we fall.

Sharing the work with joy and happiness.
then there is no question of any time frame.

 this boy is in  the need of Good Dress.
Very simple Desire.

 So Next Week he came with his best dress.
Let us help the poor and needy.

 Kids are full of enthusiasm.

A Group Photo in Ashram.

 Relaxing under Mango Tree in Ashram on Sunday Morning.

 Children enjoying their lovely childhood.
Attend to their small desires.
But don't Pamper them.

Wear and tear is there for tyres on road.
Body degenerates.
But Mind Conditions itself with time.
All  "Impressions" made in your Mind.
will be purifed in Sri Ramana's Path.

Sri Ramana's Path is a direct Express path.
the Speed limits will be fixed by right Guru.
there is no time frame in this Journey.

Come to Ashram.
Join with Ashram.
Assist the Ashram 
in its humanitarian Projects.

Let all of us travel together 

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


A Practicer who wants detachment from this mundane existence,
In this world of passions, will use his mental strength,
To move away from it to attain his true state.
The state of knowing his true self.

Similarly a person with interest in house holder’s life is
Getting attracted towards worldly passions with total mental strength.

But a person with discretion will use his mind
To inquire with in to understand the real nature of his Mind.
For knowing his true state, He has to identify the Mind’s physical body’s strength,
The mind’s weaknesses, its depth of attachment with worldly things.

Then With total understanding of its position it has to be cleansed.
After the process of purification the pure consciousness will remain.
That is liberation.

Who ever removes his Mind which is there inside him,
Then there will not by any world for him.
So shift your focus from this world and its creations and
Put all your efforts in elimination of that Mind.

When the mind is influenced with ignorance, it goes and resides in worldly passions,
And it will be running behind the material comforts offered by worldly things.

Who ever does not give a place to these thoughts, which deal with  different things,
His mind gets eliminated in due course.
It will experience total peace.


Who ever learns to remains in stable state of mind,
By leaving all close relations, all favorite friends,
All dearest things offered by this world and
 Remaining in action less and thoughtless state,
Then he has conquered the Mind. 

This is the first treatment to be given to Mind.

With firm determination in desire less condition,
Remaining in thoughtless state is the skill full approach.
One has to conquer the Mind with Pure Mind.
The Pure Mind is nothing but Your True Self.

--- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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