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Arunachala Ramana, Arunachaleshwara and Nandieshwara In Ashram.

Rachapalli, Village, Prattipadu Mandal, Pin - 533 430.
East Godavari District.

Andhra Pradesh, India.
Phone No: 08868 228737.
Mobile Nos. 97056 51231,97056 51231.
Please feel free to Contact us in our Journey in 
The way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.

Awareness Yatra by Saints and Scholors.
For Cows Protection.

all over India
Village to Village
Arrived Near Our Ashram.

Swamy Ramananda, Addressing People.
The Importance of Cows and Its Holiness.

Young and Old.
Cows and Humans.
all need care at different Stages.
We Started Ignoring Our Old People,
Ignoring Old age Cows is not A big Issue isn't It  ??

Let us be Positive.
Let us Spread Love and Affection.
Care and Concern.
to Cows and Humans.


Do Something.
For Understanding the Needs of Cows and Old People.
Just observe around You. 
Do Something.
Every Drop Counts.

A Villages Activity and Prosperity is measured
by its Wealth of cows and Crops.


Everyone Has the Zeal to do Something to Society.
Be a Part of Ashram, We will work together.

Ashram a medium in Transmitting Your Charity.


Let us Pleadge to Increase the Farm Houses of Cows and its Population.
For Economic Growth of Villages.

Let us Maintain Hygienic Environment in Farm Houses.
For the Safety of Cows.


A Farmers Daily needs of Food are fulfilled with Cows.
They Protect You From Economic Poverty.

So Dont dispose them after Your Purpose is Served.

Just think about Your Childhood and Old age.


Nothing is More beautiful than 
the Sight of a Mother feeding its Kid.


Dear Friends, Have a Long term Vision. 
To improve villages without effecting their Natural Surroundings.


Lord Krishna and Yashodhara Matha.

Milk is the Natural source of energy for Growing Kids.
In cities, we have No option other than buying Packaged Milk.

The Amazing thing is 
All the Villagers are selling their Milk to Industrial Houses,
and they too started buying Packaged Milk.

Let us Educate them to Consume Natural Milk at Home,
and any balance is there then they can Sell.


Provide them with Natural Light and electiric lighting  At Night.

Think it over about
Old People and cows.
Together we will do Wonders.
Join with Us.
Let us Start Doing something
To make a Drop of difference.
Every Drop Counts.

Let us Start the Age old Culture of Sitting together
and helping each other in Village Junctions.


Let us spend Every Evening in a Relaxed and Tension Free Manner.

Let us Protect the Age old customs of villagers in villages.
Nothing is there in Modern cities.
Only Mad Mad Rush and materialistic Comforts.
Mental Peace is in villages , dont Imitate cities.

Spend Evenings in Temples and Spiritual Places.
Any where
Where it gives You the Real happiness.

Join with Sri Ramananda Swamy.
Then You can Stand Alone in this World.
In a Majestic Way.

Old Paths  and New paths.
Unique in their Own Way.

Age old Tested Paths Still Strong.
New Paths with soft cushions and Comforts.
The Destination is Same.
Observe all Paths and
Sail in Sri Ramana Maharshi 's Path.
 Come to Us We will Give You a Boat.

Please come and Join with us
Let us Travel together in

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


Knowing about Yourself, Your Reality, 
the Truth about Yourself is important. 

What advantage You will have
by knowing others and their Activities. 

Once You Know about Yourself is there any thing left to Know ???.  
Nothing , Just the True Self.

The Best offering to God is to remaining  in thoughtless liberated State of Mind

 Those who are embedded in Atma will remain in,
expressions less state of Mind and in a state of Elegant Beauty. 

Total Majestic appeal.

  With this state, there is nothing left to be Perceived by them. 
There is nothing left to be achieved By them. 

This State is possible from total elimination of thoughts which identify you with Your Body.

Who ever remains in,  at all places and at all times,
 in his true Self, is your Guru. 

He never thinks that he is the learned one with wisdom
and all others are just ignorants of Knowledge.

He is Atma and all others are Atma.

When everyone around You are Atma,
Then who will be different from You ???.
No One . Only the Atma is Present.

The Atma is Your Guru. 

Practicing Self- Inquiry is the Best Service to Guru.

----- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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