Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Arunachala Shiva in Ashram.

Arunachala Ramana, Aruanchala Shiva and Nandieshwara In Ashram.

Rama Bhakt Hanumanji In Ashram. 

Swamy Ramananda Before starting his day of Sri Ramana's discourses.

Mr. krishna chaitanya Meditates In this cave since Childhood.

Water Flowing down from the abode of Lord Shiva.

Uninterrupted  flow of Holy water with Medicinal Properties.

Devotees of Ashram Performing Pooja To Lord Shiva and Matha Parvathi ,
Ganesh Maharaj and entire shiva Parivar.
According to Local legend gods will come here and Perform Pooja to Lord Shiva.
Serene Hills Surrounding our Ashram.

Let us Protect Natural Forests for Future Generations.

These hills will relax us from mad mad Materialistic chase for Money.

Do Hard Work, Earn Money, Enjoy with Money, But Spend it in a Meaningful Manner.
If You Know Yourself You will know How to Spend In Meaningful Manner.

Put In Total efforts and Dedication. 
Cross all Obstacles Day and Night for reaching Your Goal.

Explore Like a Bird , Fearless and Search for Meaningful Earnings.

Catch a Flight to India, our Ashram.

We will clear all Your doubts and confusions of different Paths.

Let us Walk together for Knowing Our True Self.
Come and Join in the Journey of
The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.

In our family life, we Progress with New Friends, New acquaintances, 
new acquisition of Materials and Wealth. 
\With this Progress we have greater growth in Senseless fascination for wealth, 
authority and fame and infatuated bodily pleasures.

Who will be happy With these Pleasures  ???.  
 No One will We Happy.

 All Unions are for Separation.

Daily we have same type of Activities, Same type of food habits, 
Amorous activities and acts for Bodily pleasures.

With the conception of these things in Mind, 
with wrong notions,
the person is dragged and thrown here and there in this world.

Identify through which acts a Stupid person is
deriving pleasures and enjoyment.

A learned person will eliminate those acts
for getting detachment with those worldly Passions. 

All Enjoyments leads to Dangerous diseases.
All your wealthy boats are sailing in rough sea,
they are prone to sudden calamity. 

All Unions are for Separation.
Materialistic Mental Thoughts are Mind’s diseases.

Great saints know what type of ill effects these 
temporary associations with Perishable Men, Materials and Money, will Generate.

 So they detach themselves from these worldly passions and abstain themselves 
from all the above associations.

Even after experiencing all types of pleasures and enjoyments, 
endlessly for a long time, there is no Satisfaction for us. 
Our Craving for them will never Go.

Even after experiencing all these Pleasures,
You will not attain any Greatness.

What is that remains with you is total distress.

 Instead of Strife torn Kingdoms, 
Instead of a cluster of enjoyments, 
A worry-free Solitary life Better. 

Detachment and abstinence are our best friends.
No enemy is more powerful than Mind.
Joys and Sorrows are not independent of Mind. 

This Mind is creating unnecessary illusionary imaginations about this word, 
its people and its Content. 
It is getting temporary comforts by associating with 
different Unions and Separations.
In the Process it is Getting Great Distress.

Who ever is feeling Happy with these daily acts of Materialistic enjoyments,
It is Just like Jumping into Fire with Grass bales wrapped around Body.

– Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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