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Arunachala Ramana, Arunachala Shiva and Nandeshwara In Ashram.

Swamy Ramananda , Advices to people to Protect Gomathas.

Devotees Offering their  Respects to Swamy Ramananda. 


 Kids Enjoy the Company of Swamy Ramananda.
Children from near by villages visit  ashram on every Sunday, 
To collect Pictures of Sri RamanaMaharshi, 
Spiritual books  and enjoy  in the Ashram Gardens.

Shri Bharati  - the Senior Cow of the Ashram, with baby of 5 Months old.


A mother nurtures us with Good Things in world.

To great Extent, a persons Character depends upon the way in which he was Brought Up.

The Meaning of Gomatha is
Go means Cow , Matha Means Mother.

My Name is Nagender.
My duty is to take care of Cows and all garden Activities.
We are three boys , Who work as a Team.
We Love Sri Ramana and Swamy Ramananda.
We enjoy our work in Ashram.

Please listen to me ---

  A Mother who is not giving Milk is sent away from Farms..
All non milk giving aged cows are sent to Slaughter Houses.
They are killed in a Brutal Way.
Dont send Us there, as Commercial Products.

 Some one has to take Our Responsibility. 
For preventing violence against Us.

A Prascticer of Spirituality Should Remain as a Role Model.
As This Majestic Cow Standing without any Expression.

Now Everyone is Going Back into their own Shells.
Creating their Own Imaginary World.

Open Up and share Your love with Others.

Non- Violance and Prevention of Cruelty Against Us is the Priority Now.

If We Cannot Inculcate good habits during Childhood, 
We cant Train Them when They Grow Up.
It is Easy to bend a Plant than a Grown Up Tree.

 See the Beauty of Gods Creation. He has given U Millions of Things.

Cows Are  Very Holy.
As per  Ancient Hindu Dharama Sharstra, 
All gods Resides in Cows.
Hindu's worship and treat Cows as Gods.

Enjoy gods Creation by Nurturing them, Dont Crush Them , dont Kill Them.


According to Scriptures, All Sins will go by worshipping Gomatha's.

It takes Years of Practice for mastering Devotional Methods.
But by Just seeing a Holy Cow,Your Heart totally fills with Devotion.

Discipline is required for everyone.
So We are bound by our master's Bonds.

We have Very Limited Food Options. 
Non Vegetarian Food is Dangerous to Your Health.

We are Comfortable with our Masters
But Many of our Friends are Homeless.


We need shelters for leading a peaceful Life.

Mr. Nagender is there for me to take into Grass Fields.
But what about my other friends who roam on roads without shelter and Food.

 This Boy loves to spend time In Ashram. 
There are so Many Kids who Adore Sri Ramana.

 All Our Worries and Tensions will go away at Childrens tricks and Pranks.


How can we drink their share of Mother's Milk ??.
In Ashram, the Mothers' Milk is left to these Calfs.

Unity is Strength. 
Going alone is loneliness.

Every One Need a True Friend, to lean on, To share their Joys and Sorrows.

 All over the world, We Need to be Protected.

Mr. Veera babu, Who Serves Swamy Ramananda with Total Dedication.

Do You Know that we are Excellent Dancers ??

During Harvest Season We go House to House  To display Our Dancing skills.

Gods Creation. For Man's Explotation.

Our Needs are very limited, We don't Trouble any one.

Ready for a Morning visit to Grass Farms.


Dont Irritate any One. 
If one retaliates it is difficult for You to Face It.


Mr. Veera babu, Enjoys his Work with Cows and Ashram Activities.
Here Everyone follows Sri Ramana, Living in the Present.
Enjoying Every Moment.
No Past, No future.

 What about My Breakfast, is It ready ???


All Are Equal before God.
But Our fate is Decided By You.

There are thousands of Devotees,
who start their day after Touching Us.

Dont Underestimate Our Strength, 
We listen to only our Masters.

Sri Ramana Treated All animals and other living things on Par with Humans.

We Are also closely Associates with Sri Ramana.

I am going out for Shoes, It is a Painful Process. 
But I believe My Master. 
who knows what is good for me.

Hey Mom, Are You taking Me Out ????

We too go for Medical Check Up, After all we are also in this Materalistic world.

 Ashram is Planning to Protect Cows by Increasing its Numbers.

We Request Everyone To Assist Ashram, 
for Building a better place for Us.

Natural Papaya Fruits in Ashram.

Dear Friends, 
I am addressing You from dias.
Sri Ramana is Besides me.
I request all of You to Protect us, 
On Par with Your Family Members.

Please have a Look, Your Children are My Friends.

 Your Children Enjoy the Company of Us.

Dont Put a Back ward Step in Protecting Us.

Now We are not Living in Forests, 
Provide us Some shelter.
Adopt and Provide a shelter to Wandering Cows.

Please think about our requests.
Just Plan something to Help Us.
To Protect us,
  All animals and Living things which are living with You.

The Gomatas of The World.

Relax, Recharge Yourself.


Let us travel together, A good Start is Half done.

 Come and Join with us In the Journey of Life.

We All Friends.
We all are one.
Let us travel together in
The Way of Selflessness  -  Sri Ramana's Way. 

This Body is made of flesh and Bones with the quality of Annihilation. 

 Examining It closely both internal and external Of Male and female,
there is No Charm in it. 
No Wonders in it.

What type of Blood, Flesh and Bones are there in Animals and other living things, 
Just the same type is there, in Human Beings.

Just because of It being covered With Skin, 
This Mind is under illusion and it is Imagining Beauty in it.

All relations are binding bonds.
All pleasures are diseases. 
All Your quests are Mirages

If You inquire with in, all your Illusions will be cleared. 
   Mind will be diverted to Your True State.   

If You Don’t inquire within, 
your Mind will go towards the Worldly Passions and Possessions. 

 So A Practicer should Practice Self Inquiry at all times and at all Places.

-----   Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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