Thursday, November 12, 2009


Arunachala Ramana,Arunachala Shiva and Nandeshwara In Ashram.

Pooja under Holy Trees.

Swamy Ramananda with his Disciple.
Follow the Guru without Second thoughts.
He Knows what is Good For You.
It is Sheer Surrender to Sri Ramana.

Unity is Strength.

Diagnosis, Treatment and Care of Mind in Ashram.

Always in Elevated Happiness. 

Male and Female
Indispensable to each other.

Share with Others, As This flower is Giving Sweetness to Insect.

Think, Plan and Execute.

Good for Eyes.
Protect Your Eyes with Vitamin A .
from Natural Sources.

Growing Together.
Let us help others in Growing with Us.

Global One Ness.
Global Love.
No Beginning No End.

Master the five Senses.
Sight, Smell, Taste , Touch and Listening.

Kids are lovely
Understand their Needs.

Take Care about delicate and sick People.

Always Prefer Vegetarian Food.

Dont Nip in the bud, The Aspirations of Your Friends and Kids.

Salute the elders, It makes U  Humble and honored.

Beauty or Ugly it is just there in Your Mind. 
it is Your Perception.

Express Yourself, No Hidden Agendas It will be Harmful. 
Unique and Special.
Everyone is Special with unique Talents.
No one is superior No One is Inferior.

Warm Hug, keeps Mind Clean. 

Brilliant Ideas are needed for Bright Future of the Earth. 
Share with us. 

Maintain Your Authority and Dignity. 

Dont fall prey to Charming Tricks.

Dont Succumb, to unwanted inducements and obligations.

You will Fall Down.

Gestation Period for Everything.
Take your Own time.
Learn Sri Ramana's Preachings.

Sri Ramana's Preachings gives U Instant Energy.
Dont go under different Shadows of Trees,
by wasting time and wealth with lots of Confusions..

Know Sri Ramana's Preachings.
and Let us travel in the Only Path.
for Knowing our True self.

Join with us in >>>>
The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.

As the thoughts associated with “I” “Me” “Mine”   raises in Mind,
Then Everything else Arises.
If You Suppress That “I”, Every thing Subsides.

To the Extent up to which we remain humble,
to that extent we will get benefited.
The higher the degree of tolerance,
the higher will be your benefits.

With Subdued mind we can do Practice, any where,
Without the constraints of time and location.

Dispassion is the greatest Custom.

As long as we are passionate about persons and things
Associated with this body and the contents of the world,
we can’t do justice to any Good Customs.

Remaining firmly in True self is the Real Custom.

---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.


  1. it's true... Ramana MAharshi's Preachings give me istant energy...

  2. Thanks for you teachings... we know but we use to forgot...