Thursday, November 19, 2009


Arunachala Shiva and Nandeshwara In Ashram.

Arunachala Ramana In Ashram.

A Small Model of Arunachalam in Ashram.

Dont Gaze into sky for Unexpected windfalls and Gods Grace.
Gods Grace is there every moment.

Do Your Work with full determination.
As these Goats are Grazing Grass with Full concentration.

Can You Tell me The Name of Swamy  ???

Ramananda or Lakshamana

It is Lakshmana Swamy who stays in our ashram,
which is located in Forests and Waterfalls.
It is 20 Kilometeres from Main Ashram
Where Swamy Ramananda Stays.

Both Got the Divine Blessings from Sri Ramana Maharshi.
for them Everything is Sri Ramana, Nothing Else.

So why we are not like them,
Because, God has sent us here with 
Pre determined Roles and Deeds to be Peformed by Us.
Play Your Role.
Nurture good Thoughts.
Nourish the Body and Mind.

 This Coconut Tree Stands as a  Model
The way in which we are brought Up
the Company and surroundings  under which we are brought Up.

Swamy Ramananda Distributing Medicines after Doctors Diagnosis.

He takes from One hand and Gives from other Hand. Instantly.
Give him a Helping Hand.


Swamy Ramananda Spends time with Devotees of

  Sri Ramana Maharshi  Under this Mango Tree.

Come to Ashram.Sit with Him.Share with Him.
The Truth of Yourself.


No thoughts of dullness and dejection.
Just Know Yourself and Dance Yourself with Bliss.

Spend Some time In Ashram to know yourself.
You will get Recharged with True Energy.

Come and Join with Us.
let us travel together in

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


Self Inquiry is a Perceivable Path. 
It is far Superior than Other Paths.
There is no method which is more powerful than this. 

With Other Methods, temporarily, 
the Mind appears to be Under Suppression. 
But it is Just Ornamental. 
It rises again with renewed Vigor.  

 All other methods are practiced with keeping the sense of self as it is.

If You recite a Mantra or do a Meditation for 
a long time and whatever may be the period, 
that Mantra will be there, the Mind will be there. 

The Mind won’t get eliminated with these practices. 
Unless it is destroyed, self–experience is not possible.

With Mantra and Meditation the mind may reach 
a state of stillness and Contentment can be experienced. 
But,  Not self – Realization. 

With Self-inquiry, the very roots of Mind and 
its existence is destroyed.
Self-Inquiry removes the illusion of Atma as A visible thing. 

We should not say it as Self-Realization.
It is not a visible thing for Manifestation.

In reality nothing is there to be seen.
We should say this as Self- Experience. 

– Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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