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Arunachala Ramana Arunachaleshwara and Nandieshwara In Ashram.

Lord Dattatreya, Incarnation of Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara.
First Guru of the Universe who preached Atma Jnana to Sage Parushurama.

Do You Know the Close Relationship between Sri Ramana and Lord Dattatreya. ???

Sri Ramana Maharshi, Advised all disciples to Read the Preachings of Lord Dattatreya .
The Main Book Recommended By Sri Ramana is "Tripura Rahasya ".

Rama bhakt,  Hanuman,  Personification of Courage, Strength and Service to Master.

 This Boy knows the tricks of the trade to survive in this World.
It is just a Child's Play for Him to Do Business with Fun and Hardwork.

The boy advises you, Not to Buy packaged Artificial Junk Food.
Buy some natural Fruits and Share with Family and Friends.
Sharing and giving is a great experience, we know that.

This Man started His trade of selling custard Apples Grown in His Farm.
You can see His Wealth of Happiness in his Face. 
He doesn't have much desires,  to be a CEO of a Corporate Company.
Gods gifted us with different Vegetarian Food Options.
Now Organic food is the New Fad, 
Why Organic, Everyone Cant afford it,

How to Go back to Cultivation of Crops without Pesticides and Insecticides.

This Man happy and content with his livelihood
. He can buy 5 Cars parked behind.
But they are of No use to Him. He is content with His Pushcart.

Just Think What are the Material things You Need,
A wine Bottle, or Whisky Bottle 
of Some Useful Provisions to Family.
Just think Before You Spend.

Good, Buy Only Those Essential things which are useful for Family.
Hard Earned Money, Spending in a Meaningful Way.

Dont Develop too much of attachment to Material things or People Around You.

All Beautiful things are going to Perish or will be Crushed.

Enter the world, All going in different Directions.
Some for work, Some for shopping, Some for Hospitals,Some for Schools,Some for Business.
and Some for Morning dose of Liquor in Bar. Good Start isn't It.

Earlier Buses are used for Long Distance Travel.
Now they replaced Bicycles.
Youth have no time for Games, sports and all.
Only the Acquistion of skills Day and Night,  to enter and  Survive in this Modern World.

The Present Young Generation is More concerned about world.
Let us Hope they Bring peace and One ness in world.
You can see their Hidden Love in this forest Environment.

Dont Put Your Two legs in Two different Paths.
You will be misguided and confused.
Just enter  ---

Sri Ramana's Way.
Let us all come together.
We all are One.
Let us Travel in 
The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.

You are fully involved in the activities, 
with lust and affections, with jealousy and hatred, 
with lasting resentments under Imaginary illusions
and  all with different permutations and combinations. 

Without leaving the above qualities, 
if you practice self inquiry, 
with great penance, grand charities, 
With great Meditation, difficult Yoga  practices,

and getting cleaned of all sins in holy waters,
All are are useless. 

You are inviting more trouble to You with the above acts.
They are not real tools for practice.

 With Human efforts you have to liberate the Mind from affections and hatred. 
Then You can Focus your Mind with Stability in True Self. There is no Other Option.

You have to move from the thought of existing of visible things 
to non-existence of visible things.
If observer is there visible things will be there.
If you destroy this observing Mind,
What remains is Only the Atma. 
Your True Self.

With total alertness in a silent Atmosphere,
Just observe the Behavior of Mind.
Then it can be controlled.

Those who do not opt for these temporary 
bodily Comforts will never have anger in their Mind.

Under what conditions we are not getting anger 
that we have to identify and Remain in that State. 

All Your practices are useless if You are having anger in Your Mind. 
Your character is Your asset.

For all sins of us anger is the root cause. 
People will never come near to an angry person and they treat him as an Enemy.

With peace you have to appease the Anger.

With Kindness we have to melt the rigidness. 
With charity we have to win Miserliness. 
Dispassionately we should Move away from the attachments.

If You give an Iota of lenience in your Practice, it Will become A Big Mountain.

Deserted places are not Solitude.
Conception less State is Solitude.

 If You are disinterested in the worldly passions , that  is the Knowledge.  

Dedication, Determination, courage and firmness will take the practicer  to Higher levels.

Negligence and discouragement will drag You into downfall.

-         Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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