Sunday, November 8, 2009


Arunachala Shiva and Nandieshwara After Abhishekham.

Arunachala Ramana In Ashram. 

Swamy Ramananda With Mr. M. R. Nageshwara Rao, 
An Authority on Sri Ramana's Preachings. 

Gomatha's in Ashram.

Mother Knows About the Child Needs and Accepts all his naughty things.

Three Different Religions, Unique and Graceful In their Own Way.

It Started Roaming on its Own.
Now Infants are entering Pre-schools.

Why should I lag behind ???
I have not entered into materialistic World.
There is No need for me to Earn anything.

I will put in My Efforts , whatever I deserve I Will get it. 

Dear Friends, Lots of Violance is going on Against Us.


We too need love and Protection on par with Your Kids.

Dear Friends, Just Look at Me.

I have sent some Men to Educate You,
About Animal rights and Our Species Protection.

They are coming Just Listen to them,
Please don't Harm Us.
Allow us to live as u live.

We are very holy Cows. 
All gods will reside in our Different Body Parts.
By worshipping us , All Your Sins will Go
Just treat us as we are fellow living things.
We all are one with different Names and shapes.

Friends Associated with Ashram are Spreading the Protection of Cows.
Let us Listen to them.
Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals.
Protection of Precious Lifes.

Let all our thoughs travel in Good Way. 

To enjoy the nature's Beauty.

In  a Natural Way. 
No abnormal Behaviours.

There are So Many paths to Know Yourself.

Some Fast Track programmes in the Name of Spiritual Awakening.
The Vehicle is Ready to take u in short cut road.

So What happend in That Way,
Took Reverse Gear, Good.

Now See the Road ahead, Destination Ahead. 

You have entered 
The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way. 

Go in the Path with total determination and without Worrying about destination.
Leave Everything to God. 
His Grace is always there with You.
Every Moment.

So total Peace in the way of Sri Ramana. 

Now the path is Clear as You are in Right Path.

Now You can See only Beauty and Love nothing else. 

Innocent Kids.

Welcoming the Guest of honour.

Returning to Classes after Honouring the Guest.

The  Kids of  Global One ness. 
A Kids smile gives peace and happiness. 
Instant energy Around them.

We Should encourage them for Physical Activity.
Instead of Video Games. 

The Parents of those Students,  work here as Stone cutting workers. 
A medical Camp Organised by Our Consulting Doctor.

An Experienced hand dont require too much of Test Reports.

Listening to Patients.

words of Assurance. 

Free Distribution of medicines .

Dr. Rama Rao, Planning for Next Programme, with Mr. Srinivas, Driver. 

There are so many Natural Medicinal Products.
The Time has come for knowing them.

Holy tulsi Plants in Ashram.

Relax, Remove all your doubts.
Just believe Ramana and follow him.

Then Everything is Yours;  including Peace and Happiness.

Join with us.
Let us Learn , how to ride and travel in
The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.

We can not douse Forest Fire with Petrol.
 By satiating our desires and experiencing them,
 we can not control them.

 Renouncing them is real Restraining.
Coming out of them is Real Peace.

 Even an Emperor is not comparable with a Desire less Person.

That Desire less  person will have consciousness of Atma.
 Nothing  Else.

 Once any one tastes this eternal bliss of self realization,
 they will never Come Out of that Bliss. 

 Self-Realization and Atma both are synonyms.

The Religion of this World is “Love “.

This world won’t give you Peace and Happiness,
 or it will take away from You.

You have to prepare Your Peace and Happiness on Your Own.
You have to retain them permanently.

With Good Advises, with Great Blessing from elders,

 with devoted  Pooja’s   and Prayers , whatever You Practice,
 Nothing will happen automatically.

Only with Proper understanding and implementation,
we will  become achievers. 
For this ,
Comprehension is Necessary. 

So whatever we grasp it has to  be implemented in our behaviour.
 One has to Reform themselves.

We have to find out the roots of our thoughts,  
 which are resulting in to words and Actions. 

We should not Get polluted by tainted thoughts .

Without falling prey to whirl wind of thoughts,
we should be in the continuous process of 
Purification of Mind. 

This is the path for removing our faults. 

--- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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