Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Maheshwara with parvathi Matha and Gajanan Maharaj, In Ashram.

Arunachala Ramana, Arunachala Shiva and Nandieshwara in Ashram on Karthik Pournima Day.

Lord Shiva Bhakt, Ashram Follower, Who takes care of Human Resources Needs in Construction, offering prayers to Gods.

Rudra Abhishekham to lord Shiva in Ashram.

Rudra Abhishekham in Ashram Temple by Devotees. 

Lord Mallikarjuna and Matha BrahmaraAmbhika,Presiding deities in Ashram Temple.

The discovery of Great Saint. Can u see a saint embedded on Stone ???
these water falls are Near our Ashram.
Just Have a look at the left hand top corner of the Picture.
U can see head with top knot of hair, eyes, and nose and flowing beard.
Water us flowing throw Saints Ear. 
Also Water is flowing through shoulder on right side of Picture.
Have a Closer look at the below Pictures.

Got confirmed ??

See this from distance view, Gods creations are amazing.
Beyond the scope of our Understanding.

Swamy Lakshmana , Twin brother of Sri Ramananda ,
discovered this Saints Presence during one of his visits to Forests.

Majestic silent hills near our Ashram.

God has Created this Universe for All. Let us protect the Environment Around Us.

 You can see Cultivation for Endless Human Needs in this Picture.
One type of Natural Greenery is lost with Man made Green crops.
We are fools to be happy with our Parks in towns and Lawns in House.
We are forgetting How much of Natural Forests is lost every Day. 
Let us Reduce the use of forest wood . If we change our attitude the whole world changes.

Evening Pooja at Sri Ramana Devalayam.

Lighting of Lamps On the Occasion of Karthik Pournima.

Lord Krishana In Ashram.

Matha lakshmi and Lord Narayana In Ashram Temple. 

The Holy tree of Lord Dattatreya.
Lord Dattatreya will be present under this Tree. 

Dont worry about this worlds different difficult Paths.
Sri Ramana will lead you in right Path.
Come and walk along with us in
The way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way. 

Move on in the path of Practicing self  inquiry
with total faith in God, Guru’s and Scriptures.
With enthusiasm You Move on, without Vexation and
Rest breaks,  for realizing God and your True Self. 

What is Required here in this Path is Firm Conviction to

 reach the Destination.

Fear is a weakness. 

We should not fear others and induce some other persons to fear us. 
Dragging people into the Grip of fear is Not good. 

In the childhood of Sri Ramana, People harassed him and 
behaved with him in frightful manner,
but it never distracted Him.

The conception of fear and its trace has to be removed from Mind.

With fear we will have mental anxiety, Physical Debility and restlessness.

Fear is also a thought of Mind.

With Practice We can attain Purity of thought.  

We can’t attain Purity of Thought, if our thoughts are revolving around Fear.

 For a Devotee everything is God.

 But for a Learned Person Identifies all others and himself with Atma.

For a learned person Everything is Atma.

---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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