Sunday, November 1, 2009


Arunachala Ramana, Arunachala Shiva and Nandieshwara in Ashram.

Swamy Ramananda Expressing his Happiness over some action of a Devotee.

We need all these for survival in this materialistic world why  ???
Becuase the mind is filled with endless desires and pleasures.

So put all unnecessary desire and pleasures in Dust Bin, remove them from Mind.

Then show love, serve food, according to Your Capacity. Dont strain Your Budgets.

Different Expressions, All In One.
Let us have the Maturity of understanding Old peoples Needs.

These Cows are also having Feelings of Love. 
But Not endless desires and Endless Fears of Survival in this Materialistic World.
Let us Protect all these species, Let them have their Own share in this world. 

The Way of Selflessness- Sri Ramana's Way.
Sri ramana will guide us in this way of Selflessness.
Start Your Journey Now .

You will find Peace, Happiness and contentment and all in this Journey.
We all are One. 

Practice this search for “Self “ with firm dedication, then the True self will reveal to You.

Our mind should not focus on the past. 
There should not be any trace or even a shadow of the Past in our Mind.
Our Past Mistakes, Past activities, Past adorations, and attachments, 
Past enemies and hatred, 
Past fears, past dreadful deeds and  memories all these to be eliminated from the Mind.

Don’t sit idle and do revisions of past, 
as if You are attending Exams of Secondary School, 
to answer the questions of the Past. Forget about all the Past. 
All will fade away and merge with the five elements. All are temporary.

All our closely associated relations, our great wealth, 
our Name and Fame and all associated with us, 
all these different things,  we think they are non-detachable from us.
But what you have to do is,  don’t think about all These, it is a waste of Time.

As long as you are having association with rage, anger and hatred ,
You will not get detachment from these worldly passions.

Even in great difficulties and adverse conditions, 
you should not leave soft peaceful nature of a Saint.

The best tool for self-inquiry is having a Mind which does not imitate external Factors.

All these worldly things are like Hair generated in Barber shop.
Instead of putting in Dust Bin, if You start examining it, what is the use ???. 
All these worldly things are just like that Hair. 

If you fill your entire mind with all worldly passions, it won’t fit as a tool for self-inquiry. 
How can it function as tool for self-inquiry if it is totally filled with Materialistic Passions.

If You have firm opinion about this Universe as Eternal Truth. 
Your Mind will run towards it. 
After your self-realization, 
You will understand that the whole universe is made with different names and shapes of Atma.
Then You will haveheart full  Laugh at Your own Ignorance and illusions.

--- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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