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Arunachala Ramana, Arunachala Shiva and Nandieshwara In Ashram.

Swamy Ramananda - -- Aarthi to Gods.

According to Hindu Scriptures , Everything is offered to God.

Ramananda Swamy 's -  Pranams .

Sitting in Silence,

  Sri Ramana's Meals to Devotees.

Preparations for Sri Ramana's Lunch at Ashram.

Only Vegetarian Hygienic Preparations.

Bags of Brinjals Brought By Devotees.

Plantain Leaves for food serving.
Bottle Gourds for dish preparation.
All Participated according to their Capacities.

Food is a  Form of God.
Wasting it is Sin.
No Spill overs, No Left Overs.
Share with Some One.

Looks Tasty, Can We try to Hold the Spoon ???

Let us spread these Plantain Leaves, for Sri Ramana's Friends.

Tasty Tamarind Rice preparation, Let Us Start Serving Our Friends.

This Girl , great devotee of Sri Ramana and Swamy Ramananda.
Participates in Ashram Functions, she walked her first Steps in Ashram.
there are Number of Boys and Girls who are associated with Ashram from their Childhood.

Three Generations sitting together.
Gods Compassion and Love Goes On.

For hungry Man the Surroundings are Immaterial.

Women of different Age Groups 
Coming together , Sitting together.
All are Ashrams Friends.

After Certain Age, We feel some kind of Void, When U know Your Self . Nothing will be there.

Kids Enjoy Serving.
Impartial Serving is an Art.

Knowing the Need and Serving ,No Wastage.
Kids are right people to serve they fill the Stomach.

Dear Friends, Help the Needy. 
Food, shelter and clothes are basic essentials.

Just have a Look around You,
Try Your best to Eradicate Hunger Around You.

Dear Parents,Try to Remain Like us.
Cheerful and Happy.

Learn Sri Ramana's Teachings and Know Yourself.

Ohhh, Real Gods Angel. 
Little Angel to Bless You.

Parents always Prefer Kids Presence.
Nothing In between.

Hey , Man come and serve.
Have a look at commanding Looks of the Kid.

With Mother Behind us,  We Can do Miracles.

I have My Own thoughts and Plans.
to make some difference in Peoples lifes.
When I Grow Up.

Are U Grown up with Good deeds ???

 At least a free hand today from hectic Activity in kitchen At Home.
Let us share work in Home .
Cook together . Eat together.

Look at the Suitcase, People From long distance.
Came for Sri Ramana's Lunch.
All are Welcome here to have his Lunch.

Why this Boy Not touching Food ??
Understand their Tastes,
Serve them Nutritious food.


Hey friends, Cheer Up and Active, I help My Mother in Day to day works.

A Mother Knows all the needs of Children.
Kids are her Priority Nothing Else.

These Women Actively Participate in cleaning Sri Ramana's Temple and Ashram.
Every One is giving a Helping hand, 
We are waiting to  receive Your Helping Hand.

For Religious Piligrimage, 
Certain  Customs and Poojas has to be followed.

A father is A guiding force, who shows Us the world.
and its content and how to deal with it.

Always Remain Young at Age.
There is No age for Mind.

The Young Generation is Full of Love and Compassion.

Ashram is Planning a Old age home for the Needy people.

 Take care of Nutrtional needs of growing Kids.
Guide them in having good food.
No Slimness Nothing.
Dates, Juices, sprouts, Lemons all Instant Energy foods.

Kids dont Know what to ask, they Just want to run away and play,
and elders hesitate to ask More, so understand all, Serve all to their hearts content.

Growing Kids need Nutritious Food. 
Dont allow Teen age girls to Starve, In the Name of Slimness.

Have a Regular Check up of Kids and monitor any Vitamin Deficiencies.
Specially Vitamin A and Calcium.
Give them Natural Fruits and juices and Nuts.

Malnutrition Results in Retarded Growth.
Right diagnosis and Right Treatment at Right time.
Once Damage happens It is irreversible.

Most of the People are Not Aware of It.
Educate People around You on health.
You are Capable of doing that.


Always Provide Clean and healthy Food.
Hygenic Food Preparation, Storage and Serving is Important.
Now Awareness has gone up, Only Mineral Water for Kids when Go Outside.
After all You Earn for Them.

Some one will Monitor Kids, A brother or big sister In the absence of Mummy.
It is Our Responsibility. Here Double Care about Little Brother.

A Mother Can't Eat Unless Kids have the food.
Nothing Beats Mothers Love.
Mothers U too need Nutritious food , 
for energy to be active in Family.

these Young girls Are Our Hopes for New Energetic Generation.
with a Out look for Global Oneness and Humanity.

A Mother Stops all her works, even food. Kids are her Priority.

Breakfast, Lunch , dinner,..
Timely Food.
Maintain Timings.
And always soft Nutritious food.
Avoid Junk to the Maximum.

Hey , Can We Start Eating. 
We follow Ashram Rules.

Ashram is Proud of its Lovely Disciplined Kids.

Have a Look  At Them.
All Your worries will go.

They Need Simple Things
. No Armani Suits.
No Designer Dresses.
Just fun, food and toys and Play.

We have to take care of Kids.
Minute by Minute.
Hour by Hour. 
Day by Day.
Still they walk with confidence On their Own.

Kids associated with Ashram Always follow, Sri Ramana , and Show their concern for all.

A Mother's Attention will be always On her Kid. 
Our Priorities Change as we grow. 
A Mother is a Mother.
No words to Explain her Love.

Restart the Age old custom of Story Telling.
It grooms a Kid.

No Video Games.

Presence of elders Builds Confidence.
Com and sit with Swamy Ramananda.

All our Worries will go away with a Lovely Smile from Kids.

Total Dedication In Serving Food.
Sharing and Serving is Sheer Happiness.

A Mother Eats after all eats the food in the Family.
Now Reverse the system.
Serve her First.

Understand Old men.
dont serve them seperately. 
All the Family Should Eat  together.
Old People need are Similar to Kids.

Let us all help the Poor and needy.
Every step is a Big Step.

Dont think others will do.
if everyone thinks like this No one will do

Eat peacefully without any thoughts.
In this materialistic rush we dont have time to eat also.

Dont Hesitate in Asking food.
Demand and Have it to Hearts content.
dont Bother about other's Feelings.

Old People Prefer Kids foods. 
As History Repeats.
The cycle of Preferences rotates.

A Devotee, who is on Devotional Piligrimage,
before leaving for Piligrimage there will be 
some devotional pooja and customs to be followed. 
This Man is following those customs with dress code and Other code of conducts.

 There are lakhs of people who perfrom religious Piligrimages In India.

Earning food has become too difficult.
So where is the question of Medical Care.

Most of the people , with illness ignore medical care
As they cant afford them.

Calcium Defficiency, Cant bend His Legs, treatment Needed.

Cant afford it, Ashram will give medical Assistance according to its Capacity.
Come and Join with us.Let us work together

Let us Make A Small difference as Sri Ramana's Friends.

The Age old Grand Mother's home remedies are good for small Illness.

There are Millions of Youth Looking at us for some Employment.
Let us do something for Employment Generation and Activity.
An Idle Brain is a Devils workshop.

Medical treatment to women is given second Priority.
they wont dislose their Pains.
Because of cost of treatment.
they disclose only when it is Unbearable.
So let us Understand medical needs of all in the Family.

Brothers and sisters are supportive to Each Other.

Some Men work for Family , for Money, day and Night, Without Second thoughts.
Give them a Soothing word when they Return Home.

So Advanced Now,
Lots of Industrial Activity forcing People to leave old Methods,
 and use disposables old methods are getting Replaced.
A Plantain Leave and disposable Plasitc Glass.
What a Combination.
Let us think and Plan For global Waste Management.

Every Mother and Sister are contributing to Ashram in their Own Way.

Serving with Love and Concern.

People from long distance Came For Sri Ramana's Meals.

There are still Millions of People without clean Drinking water.
India made good progress by Keeping Mineral water Treatment Plants.
Please help ashram in helping others.
A right Channel, in right Path.

We are depending on Pre Schools.for child care.
Neglecting Grand Mothers and Mothers.

Boys do wonders with Assigned work in Ashram.

Tender works with Tender hands.

Some Poeple will hesitate to have Food.
have a word with every Guest.

Right time to discuss with Kids is After a Meal together.

Everyone treat this food as Sri Ramana's gift.

The Bhajans and Kirtaans Team of Ashram.

Pure Water is the Need of the Hour.
Most of the diesease are water born.

There are Several Old women without Proper care in Homes.
 Generation Gaps, Own Shells, Own Cocoons.
Causing trouble to them, who dedicated their life for You.

Seving the Food In Sri Ramana's Way.

The Way of Selflessness.

Come  to Ashram, Associate with Ashram,

Let All of us Sit together in Sri Ramana's Way.

And Travel together in 


The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


We Become Dispassionate by seeing dreadful and fearful things in this World.
But It will not last Long.

According to Scriptures these three are examples of  Temporary feel of dispassion.

Pregnancy Related : when A women Under goes labor pains  during child birth, she curses her partner and takes oaths not to associate with those physical Acts. But it fades away as soon as  discharged from Hospital.

Preachings Related : When a Person sits with Guru and listens to Scriptures and Histories of gods and their actions, and all types of Punishments he has to meet in Hell for his Misdeeds, He Promises himself not to do  any Sins and lead a Principled life, But as soon as he exits from Guru’s Place, all will disappear. He Will dance to his Minds Tunes.

Funeral Related : When a person enters a Burial Ground, to attend to the Process of Cremation of a Person. He suddenly becomes dispassionate towards all worldly things by seeing the process and Wants to remain in a renounced state in Future.
But as he Exits the premises, he will come back to his materialistic activity As usual.

But for A virtuous Man, With his prudence and discrimination,
 he will become dispassionate towards these worldly Activities.
 It Will remain firm in Him.

Self-Inquiry is the short-cut for
Detachment from these worldly passions.
Then the mind will remain in total Purity.
So with total efforts we have to destroy this ignorance of Self.

No Disease, No Danger, No mental Pain,
will cause more distress and damage
than this ignorance of Self.

In a sea full of distress we are having an Iota of Happiness.

We are drifting in a desert of Distress with an Iota of Comforts.

So We Should not focus our Concentration on
these materialistic activities associated with
family Bonds and its Comforts.

An Intelligent Person should reach the destination of knowing his True Self,
 with total efforts and dedication.

---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.


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