Thursday, November 5, 2009


Dara Mallikarjuna Swamy with Brahmarambika in Ashram Temple.




Arunachala Ramana. in Ashram.

Mr.Venkata Ramana, Who Takes care Ashram Cows and Garden.
Under the Grace of God in Water falls.

This World is total confusion isn't it ???

 You went to forests for Mental Peace.

 What is going on in My office, My staff may be dancing in my Absence.

It is lunch time now, My family may be having Lunch Now.

I Forgot to Collect My six months bank statement, 
to be given for address proof for new Credit Card.
After this trip I have to attend to It.

There is no use going to Secluded Places with all these thoughts in Mind.
Remove the thought of me , mine and all associated with this Body.

Even Young Generation is trying to find their True Self.
It is a Good sign in this Modern World Now .
We should travel along with them.

Surrender Your Egoisam to God, and come down in a Relaxed Way.

Dont Sit here for Yoga, Meditation and all.

Sit with Right Guru.
For Meaningful Life.
By Identifying the Atma in Every One.
Let us feel others Problems as ours and Help Them.

To Cross this river of family life.
Join with us. Let us travel together 
The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.

Our Expectations are stronger than Hand-cuffs. 
These expectations are very dangerous. 
This Iron made hand-cuff will disintegrate over a period of time, 
But our expectations will go on Multiplying ceaselessly. 

All your Kingdoms, wealth, wife, Houses, Authority, Positions,
Jobs, lands, Friends, relations all are not “Yours”. 

So leaving them behind is not a Great Renunciation. 

What is that belongs to You is Only one thing that is Your Egoism. 
Your self-love, self-pity and identification of Yourself with Body.
Leaving that is a great liberation  for You.

For Crossing this Sea of Family Life
going to Ashrams and Secluded places is not the Solution. 
There is no use doing vigorous debilitating Yoga Asanas,
Meditation and other activities.

You can not cross with doing  acts or avoiding activities. 

Not through the Gains of Fame, authority,
profits, gains of wealth, or
through the Boons or curses received. 

The Object is to remain in real form, real nature, Your natural State. 
That state of True Self is possible when
Mind detaches itself with disinterest in worldly Passions. 

With the experience of True self,
leading life in this world is Child’s Play. 
Just a Game to be enjoyed. 

Without this experience of true self,
we are immersing in Nasty worldly activities.

Advaita is not a demonstrated conclusion of an argument. 
It is a wonderful experience in itself. 
Its message to You is Don’t Debate. 
Remain as You are by Experiencing it. 

– Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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