Saturday, October 31, 2009


Arunachala Shiva and Nandieshwara in Ashram.

Arunachala Ramana with Simple Decoration.

Swamy Ramananda, Ready for his daily Preachings.

Efforts in Ashram, to Construct Arunachaleshwara Temple Complex.

Work in progress, with out any Pressures.

Successful results will come automatically. 

Human efforts for cultivation.

Some good persons have planted these Coconut trees, without Expecting for End Results.

If You have attained Certain Standards in Your  thought process, 
It is impossible to  go back and adopt Your old Standards. 
It is like Staying in five star hotels from the earlier stage of staying in Street side Hotels.

In the path of success ,there should not be any Pressure to reach that success.

For excellent results, all Your efforts should be without any Pressure and duress. 
All efforts should be without any doubts and compulsions.

Instructing to do is different.
Insisting to do is different. 
The second one is laced with Ego and Authority. 
Doing with dedication without worrying about the end result is correct.

Whatever is required for successful life,
all those required things, are there in Your Mind. 
All our problems are due to non acceptance of Reality. 
If we accept the actual Situation then there will not be any problem for Us.

It means we should not succumb to situations and its pressures, and act on It. 
If we act on those situations, it will have adverse reactions.

We have to condition our mind to accept the things which are not under our control. 
The mind has to build up its own strength,
to accept all those things which it Can not Change and remain Content. 
It has to accept the things with whole hearted happiness.

---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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