Saturday, January 30, 2010


Lord Arunachaleshwara.

Lord Shiva, with Ganesha, Subrahmanaya and Nandieshwara 
in Shanthi Ashram.
Arunachala Ramana in Ashram.

Swami Omkars's 116th Birthday Celebrations in shanti ashram.
Thousands of Devotees came to Pay their Resepects to the Great Saint,
Sri Omkara Swamy.
Sri Anirudh Gupta and Smt. Tara Gupta,
Sri Ch. Raju & Smt. Girija are the Main donors for
Arranging meals to thousands of devotees on the occasion of
116th Birthday Celebrations of  Sri Omkara Swamy.
Hundreds of Villagers paricipated in preparing the Prasadam.
Only Vegetarian food is prepared.
Young Men and Women participated with total dedication and enthusiasm.
Cooking is an Art.
Learn the art of cooking Nutritious food.
Curry made with Brinjals.
Sweet Prasadam.
 Now dishes are ready to serve.
Always eat good nutritious Food.
Tasty Spicy Rice Preparation.
Food is another Form of God.
It is needed for running the body .
It gives the essential energy for life of Body.
Dont waste food items.
Always prefer nutritious natural foods .
Have them at regular intervels three times a day.
Please try to help the Poor.
Have a look around Your area.
and assist the people who are in need of Food.
Now all are arrangements are over for breakfast and Lunch
for all devotees.
Some Old people and Physically Handicapped people arrived for breakfast.
Every one wants to have this Holy Food provided on the Occasion
of Sri OmkarSwami's Birthday.
A Old Man entering the event with the support of stick.
Boys Dressed up for the Celebrations.
Girls discussing about how to manage the Crowds.
All these boys are studying in Shanthi Ashram School.
Enjoying their Breakfast.
All the people will consider it as auspicious to have this Holy Food.
All are given equal importance.
To Manage the Crowds.
Seperate Meals tents are erected for Men and women.
Thousands of Women with their Young children having the Holy Food.
There are Number of Peaceful Holy Places in Ashram.
Before and After Lunch
All these thousands of People scattered over more than 100 acres of land
At different Holy Places in the Ashram.
Thousands came for showing their Respects to 
 Sri Omkara Swamy.
Some disciples sat at Holy Mango tree,
where Sri Omkar Swamy did his Penance.
The Grand Old Mango Tree.
 A disciple offering fruit to Swamy Ramananda.
Saints are like Kids.
they dont have any income and they depend on disciples and devotees
for Basic things.
Their Needs are as simple as children Needs.
All the devotees are aware of 
Shanthi Ashram and Sri Ramana Seva Ashram.
thousands of devotees stopped for Paying their Respects
to Swamy Ramananda.
Some women devotees paying their respects to Swami Ramananda.
It is total Faith in Guru.
Total Faith in Arunachala Ramana.
It is only faith that moves us in right Direction.
Swamy Ramananda heading for addressing Devotees in conference Hall.
Three Generations of People.
Three Generations of Women happy with contentment of life.
With Three Young Men following the elders.

Come to Ashram.
Join with the Ashram.
Assist the Ashram in its Humanitarian Projects.

Let all of us Travel together

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


Constantly remaining in the true self only removes all types of attachments.
That is knowledge.

A Saint will firmly place himself in true self and will never have
The feelings that the world is different from him.

The Main quality of saint is he always remains in a state,
Where without any Partiality he gives equal importance to
All living things on par with him.

Without getting disturbed by knowledge derived from memory ;
Always remaining in the true self is the liberation from life.

All types of doubts will get clarified only when that true self is experienced.
Clarity will not be gained through other means of exploring with scientific knowledge of scriptures. 

The experience of true self is knowledge.

Everyone readily agrees that there is a creator for this entire universe.
This basic knowledge everyone approves.


When Mind is there, then only the three feelings about Yourself,
This world and God can be experienced, remembered,
And felt through thoughts by You.

When Mind is eliminated what remains is You,
that is Your true self.

 If You have some form, God will also have some form.
 When Your true self is not having any shape, how can God will have any form.


When Eye is not there in body, How we can see and experience this world.

This world is”” exclusively experienced “”
By that Mind with its five senses of the Body.

It means the world is nothing but mind.
 When Mind is not there this world is not there.

Whoever follows whichever path, When he experiences the real thing,
 The reality of his true self,

Then he will peacefully absorb himself in eternal Bliss.

This is the Eternal Truth.

---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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