Monday, January 4, 2010


Arunachala Ramana in Ashram.

Swamy Ramananda 
having a look at arrangements for 
Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi's 130th Birthday.

Ramananda Swamy with Mr.Ravi
Discussing about transport arrangements for guests.

Festival Atmosphere around the 
Arunachaleshwara Temple Complex.Consturction site.

Swamy Yoga ananda Bharathi inspecting the temple Work.

All the Cows also had Fresh Bath before Sri Ramana's Birthday.

A Poster Explaining the Purpose of the Meeting.
The Main Purpose is to turn Atleast One Person
into the Path of Self-inquiry.

Swamy Yogananda Bharathi Starting the Yoga Session.

A view of the Main Temple.
Thirty Thousand Bricks are used for this.
Still Lakhs of Bricks needed from Devotees Contributions.


Singing Session.

 Bhakthi Songs By Kids.

 Demonstration of Yoga Exercises.
"" Warning  ""
Don't Practice these Yoga Asana's on Your Own.
These are Strictly to be practiced under the Guidance of a learned Teacher.

 Yoga Master Demonstrating Yoga Asanas with a team of Students.

All breathing exercises are to be learned under a Good Master.
Don't practice breathing exercises on Your Own.
Initial training is Necessary.

In Ancient Days with Yoga Shakthi 
Great Saints used to live for Hundreds of Years.

The Pathanjali Yoga Sutras are Sacred Scriptures.

the Chief Aim of Which is to teach the Means by which
The Human Soul may attain complete Union with the Supreme Power.
 Yoga also means Good Fortune and Luck to Get anything.

There is No end to Attaining Yoga Shakthi.
But for Common People simple practices are enough
to keep their Physical Body and Mind in Good condition.

 Yoga also helps in
application of concentration and Dedication to everything we take up in daily life.

 This Little Girl is a role Model for it.

For Learning Yoga.
Step by step guidance is Necessary.

Encourage children to learn some Art.
Now a days children are lacking exercise 
with watching TV and Indoor video games.
and also they do not have time to spare
in their competitive Education Process.

 Dont break Your bones with Your Own Enthusiasm.

 Flexibility is there for you to learn Several Things for Keeping Fit.
Yoga is one of the Major Option for You.

Swamy Yoga ananda Bharathi Restored Eye sight
for a Person Through imparting Yoga Exercises.

With Practice several ailments like Heart attack, 
Blood Pressure and diabetes can be avoided.

Endless hours of sitting in offices,
with Stressful working atmosphere,
with wrong sitting Postures, 
Different factors are causing lots of orthopedic ailments.

Learn Yoga At Right Time
for Keeping You Physically and Mentally Healthy.

 Practice self-inquiry to know about your true self.
Yoga Practices relieves of Your all stress and strain caused by 
that ever demanding Mind.


Once, Bhagavan Ramana While Explaining about Different Universes said this.
"I will be roaming in 14 universes with 14 bodies all at a time.""

 Again he Said,
"those who are having Yoga Shakthi can take several physical forms. 
It all depends on their will and Strength."'
"" Lord Krishna has taken 16000 physical forms to be with Gopikas in gokulam.""
With above words we can conclude about Bhagavan Ramana's Universal Presence.

Great Saints followed Yoga Practices for Attaining the Knowledge of Atma.
Ashram Trains Youth, Children, Men and Women
According to their Age and requirements based on their fitness.

Meditation Helps in getting peace.

Our Yoga Masters will clarify all Your Doubts
About practicing Yoga Vidya.

Tailor made courses are there for all stages of Yoga Vidya.

Learn Yoga Vidya
Under the Divine guidance of Swamy Yogananda Bharathi.


within Short time Ashram is turning into a Big Spiritual Centre.
All are requested to Associate with Ashram.

A new Guest Arrived at Ashram.
For residing in Ashram.
 Name is Mr. Hari.

 It is making its first steps in the right Path.

Come to Ashram. 
Join with Ashram.
we will guide You in right Path.

Assist the Ashram.
let us make it a Big spiritual Center.

Let all of us Travel together 
The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


When the Mind comes out, it will be caught in 
worldly things and it will be struck in maze of thoughts.

When it turns inside, that will become your true self. 

That Mind which has turned inside is also called as a Formless One, 
That one is ,
Your Pure state of Your Trueself.


"" I will do this work,""
"" I will not do that Work,""

 Don't decide like this before hand.

When You are not destined to do work,
all your attempts to get work is Futile and You wont get It.

When You are supposed to do a destined work, 
You can not escape from doing it,
It will be hunting behind You and 
it forcefully ensures that You will do that Work.

So always be prepared for doing and not doing work.

When we are thinking about God means,
it is just due to Gods Grace.
Grace is not the quality of God.

Grace itself is God.
Without Gods grace we can not think about God.

----- Sri Ramana Maharshi.


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