Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Arunachaleshwara, Nandieshwara and Arunachala Ramana.
All are equal before God.
Total surrender for everything he has granted.

 little boys Eye to Eye contact with Arunachala Ramana.
 A Guru gives what is appropriate for the disciple.
Have confidence in Guru's Guidance.
Your consciousness moves you towards right Guru if it is needed for You.

Swamy Ramanada Takes from one hand and gives from the Other.
It is auspicious to take something from guru.
And also We should not go with Empty hands
when we visit a Child, A Old person or a Saint.
All these three depend on others.
We need to take care of their necessities.

Mathaji's years of Dedication to God and spirituality.
It requires lots of strength to tread in the path of Spirituality.
After explaining the purpose of life,
They will guide us in leading a meaningful life.

  All are in search of Finding the Source of Peace.
Learn Sri Ramana's Preachings and Your quest ends there.

 Know Yourself through self-inquiry.


 Little girls need education and good food for proper growth.

Ashram is educating some Girls from Poor family backgrounds.
It is their confidence about future makes them moving ahead.

 The higher the education ,
the higher the chances of earning more in this competitive world.
With education You can serve society and make a meaningful livelihood also.
Know Yourself, Your real strength comes out to do Miracles for You.

These Young girls became nurses with three years nursing course.
It is one of the Noble profession to serve People.
Allways use alternative natural herbals as alternative medicines 
for prevention against diseases.
then there is no need to use these emergency instant relief medicines.

Big projects are in Pipeline in Ashram.
Only Gods Master plan prevails.
So it is left to him.

Come to Ashram.
Join with the Ashram.
Assist the Ashram in its humanitarian Projects.

Let us all of travel together 
The Way of Selflessness -- Sri Ramana's Way.

Don’t go to Extremes of anything.
You should have non-duality in your feelings but not in your external practice.

As you are advised to see everything with equality,
Does it mean you are supposed to sit with dog and eat like it,
 With its type of food.

A fish needs a pinch of food,
A bird needs just a fist full of food,
Then is that quantity is enough for You ??.

When a platter full of food is enough for You,
is it sufficient and suitable for an Elephant.??.


So because of these, non-duality has to be experienced internally and
Externally you have to behave according to societies laid down
Customs and Principles.


All types of comforts and difficulties will not have any effect on a saint,
But without any bearing of them a Saint will be
Attending to all activities of others.

Nothing sticks to a Saint,
just like some people who mourn the death for money.

They Come and attend death and wallow at deaths
By beating chests without any feelings.

In olden days there used to be a Custom.
If one old aged person died, no one will weep endlessly.
But someone has to weep for the loss as per the custom and tradition.

As we engage labor for works ,
There used to be professional people for weeping at deaths for some fees.

They will come and do bhajans and chest beatings for the loss,
More than the real family members.
They will conclude the loss with endless tears for the departed soul.


Similarly a saint will behave according to the mental conditions and
Requirements of others.

He will be fine tuning the music for all our songs.

As they practiced everything nothing is new for them.
Whoever needs him he will go to them.
He will be playing the role according to others requirements.

All his activities and actions are for others .
he don’t require anything .

Whoever asks assistance from him,
For them according to their individual eligibility,
Implementation and initiation of assistance will be done by him.

One has to decipher good or bad according to their discretion on their Own.

---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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  1. excellent service and wonderful ashramam.

    Om Namo Bhagavate Sri Ramanaya
    Prasanth Jalasutram