Saturday, January 9, 2010


Arunachala Ramana.

“” The force which brought me to Arunachalam is also keeping me in
 Sri Ramana Ashram.””.

Eternal force effective on all of us.

Arunachala Ramana's Grace spreading all over the world.

Swamy Ramananda explaining
the Importance of Sri Ramana's Guidelines for leading a Peaceful life.


Evolution of A Big Spiritual Center.
Arunachaleswahra Temple complex work in Progress.

No time frame for Completion.
Every brick is contributed by Devotees.
We are confident Sri Ramana will complete it.

Every Devotee contributing according to their Capacities.
Every one is waiting for Arunachaleshwara Temple complex.

A Hospital and  A Old age home will also come
along with Arunachaleshwara Temple Complex.

Balancing on Bamboo sticks.

Safety measures are required in every work.
Ensure and implement safety around your work and Home.

It is in teenage, the turning point happened for Sri Ramana.

Take care about Your Children's  turning Points.
Teenage is the age which requires proper protection from Elders.
Love and Guide Your Teenage children with understanding their issues.

It is just the beginning, Still lots of works to be done.

It is decided by God guidance.
it is the First and only Temple of Arunachaleshwara Swamy,
which is coming up Outside Arunachalam.

Look at the hands of the Boys,

Young and Old all are extending their helping hands.

Extend Your helping hand to Ashram.

Spiritual institutions will help you in showing the right Path.

When You Know do self-inquiry
You will Know the right Path.

With the guidance of Sri Ramana,

Swamy Yogananda Bharathi Associated with Ashram.
He is Head of Ten Ashrams.
Yoga masters are working under his guidance in Your Ashram.

Swamy Yogananda Bharathi Preaches for Hours by Floating on Water.

He has Mastered Yoga Vidya.
He is having Super Natural powers attained with Yoga Vidya.
With his Yoga Shakthi, He lifts up in the Air.
His Amazing Yoga vidya will be introduced to all Soon.
All can come to Ashram and learn Yoga Vidya from Him.

There are different stages of Yoga Vidya.
the teachings will be done according to Age and interest.

For General Public, basic lessons are sufficient for 
Physical and Mental Health.

Please note that Yoga has to be Practiced under a Learned master Only.
don't practice and experiment with book knowledge on your Own.

There are different Sadhus and Saints,Who dedicated themselves to god
will be visiting ashram from across India.

Gods Grace is there on all of Us.
Just Experience it, through self inquiry.


Simple and Neat Accommodation for Devotees is available in Ashram.

He is Mr. Shiva,
Lots of People are coming forwards for Assisting Ashram.
He arrived in Ashram before Ramana Jayanthi.
He worked day and night for 15 days in different areas
for Ramana Jayanthi preparations.

He is Excellent Printing Technology Expert with excellent Designing Skills.
He designs Arunachala Shiva and Arunachala Ramana's colorful pictures and Posters.
His parents Named him Shiva, Now in service of Arunachala Shiva.


Identify Skill sets in Your Children and 
encourage them in developing their skill sets.

Saints skill sets are for mastering spirituality.
They dont need any skill sets for survival in this World.


But Your Children need to learn some skills in surviving in world.
For Good income for a comfortable Life.
Let them learn good education in making a meaningful life.

When You learn to travel in right path.
All Your duties and responsibilities associated with family
is just a child's play for You.

 Sri Ramana Seva Ashram .
A seat is there for you to lean and practice Spirituality.

Please remember Youth are the Hope for future.
Let us try to show them the right Path.

Come to Ashram.
Join with the Ashram.
Assist the Ashram.

There is No time restrictions for the Right path.
Day and Night do good deeds.

Let all of us travel together 
The way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


Leaving your family and relations at home,
Leaving your present employment,
All these are your immature temporary instant excitements and enthusiasms.

That may not be due to your progress in the path of spirituality.
With your timidity, with your lack of confidence, with your impatience,
You will be under the illusion that for dedicated search of the truth,
Renouncement is an essential quality.

You need not become a Sanyasi for this.


Sri Ramana Maharshi left his home due to call from his father,
According to his instructions he left the home.

Sri Ramana Maharshi Said,

“” The force which brought me to Arunachalam is also keeping me in
 Sri Ramana Ashram.””.

So if the supreme power does anything with anyone that is different.
Then the meaning of home itself changes,
 Then the entire universe is your home.


Your family life, your home, your duties and responsibilities in day to day life,
Your means of income,
All these are not at all obstructions in your path.

The fault is not of those things which are all attached with you.

The problem is with that person who is having all those things.

That person who thinks all as his belongings,
That person who carries all his duties with the sense of
Identification of everything with his body.

That person who assumes himself as the doer,
With great duties and responsibilities.

Identify that person by the practice of Self-inquiry.


By leaving certain attachments and relationships,
You will not be free from all bonds and commitments.

The real important thing which has to go and to be left behind is
Your pride and Ego.

You have to renounce the person who assumes himself as Renouncer.

The practice of self inquiry and the fire of knowledge
 Will eliminate your pride and Ego.

---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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