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The First Guru of the Universe.
Four Vedas surrendered in the form of dogs before his lotus Feet.
He Preached the Secrets of knowledge of Atma to Sage ParushuRama.
Sri Ramana advised all his devotees to learn the preachings of Lord Dattatreya.
Sri Ramana Recommended his disciples to read Tripura Rahasya.
The secret teachings of Super Power.

Arunachaleshwara, Nandieshwara and Arunachala Ramana in Ashram.

Arunachala Ramana will guide You in right Path.

God has given equal importance to all living things.
But for Humans He gave the authority to Protect them.
Let all of us Save the animals and Birds in our Local Area.

Swamy Ramanada and Swamy Lakshmana.
Total Dedication to Arunachala Ramana.

The Grand Old tree.
In the olden days villagers used to sit here and share their joys and Sorrows.
Used to resolve community issues after arriving at a common solution.
Now,  No one has time to sit and listen to Elders.
Even children have no time.
Every one is busy with materialistic activities in this world.
Some busy for Survival, Some for exploitation.


Look , Even we don't have time to play under this Tree.
We are also busy with school and 
balancing our time with home, parents and School.

Give Respect to Elders.
In Earlier days grand mothers used to take care of Children.
Now we opt for outside Services.
Let us try to re-establish relationships and support the needy relations.

Dont Worry , God Knows All Your Problems and Your Present Condition.

Leave it to him, He will take care of all your Children.
They will enjoy life like Lord Krishna.

Don't worry about anything.
All bad days and gloomy thoughts with depression will go away.
Things will never remain the Same. Change is there for betterment.

All bad days are over, regain your strength.
All is there inside You, Know Yourself.

Your life is filled with beauty, happiness and Love.
Just Know about Yourself.
Then everything will be fine, as desired by You.

I have no thoughts about all these worldly things.
I have not yet entered into world.
Don't divert your mind towards useless unnecessary activities or things.

Now Even People have lost interest in Agriculture.
As it is not giving good Income.
Just Grass is growing in Fertile fields.

Everyone is moving to Cities and Towns.
for New Avenues of making Money.
All Paper work to create New Jobs and New Means of Earning Income.
No Physical Activity, all jobs are for exploiting nature increasing our Comforts.

Don't worry about all these things.
You know all these things.
Just reminding you about the present Situation.
Let all of You work towards a clean environment and 
providing food safety to Future Generations.

Work hard with Your acquired skills.
There is Scope for Improvement.

Just enjoy Your work.

Be in the good company of Good people
enjoy Holidays in Meaningful Manner.

On sunday's Keep Your Home and surroundings Clean.

Dont sit idle , if you are tired take some rest on Sundays.

Don't go for impulsive buying on Sunday's by going to Super Markets.
Buy only those things which are useful for You.

Just Recheck the items from Super Market.
How many are for Food. How Many are for our External Use.
You will see the difference.

Try to Help others who are in need with Your Spare Money.
don't Strain Your Purse , when you can not afford.

When You help others.
God will also help You immediately.

Know Yourself.
Then You will do only good things.
Nothing else.

Just Relax, and take tasty nutritious vegetarian food on sunday.

Grow some fruit bearing plants and Trees.
If You don't have space suggest your friends to do that.

Ohh, what is this .

These are blooming flowers of Mango Tree.
These flowers will become Mangoes.

Farmers will wait for a Year to earn money on Mangoes.
But Market forces will not give them good Price.
Natural calamities also put waters on their Hopes.

All farmers are given money in advance, to buy their produce at throw away Price,
by Market forces to exploit them for years together.
From Farmer to consumer the price of the product will go up ten times.
Farmer and the end users have to pay the Price.

A single Rain with wind force will destroy the entire Crop.
But All are under the gods Grace. He will take care of all.

A small Mango already appeared.
Grow fruit bearing Plants.
Always have seasonal fruits which are available in Your local Area.
It Need not be a Mango, all fruits are tasty and Healthy.

Now You have wonderful thoughts in Positive Direction.
Don't Nip them in the Bud.
Try to implement at least One.
You have the Required Stregnth.

We all Are One.
Humanity and Equality is need of the Hour.
spread Love and concern.
Know Yourself.
Self-inquiry as taught by Sri Ramana Maharshi
Will take you in right Direction.

Come to Ashram.
Join with the Ashram.
Assist the Ashram in its Humanitarian Projects.

Let all of us travel together

The way of selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


The First obstruction for meditation and self-inquiry is our sleeping nature
With all our dullness and laziness it creates the main stumbling blocks
in the path of progress.

All our worldly attractions will shake our mind, then divert,
And take in wrong direction towards all the worldly things.
With our activities of five senses.

This is the second screen which blocks your mind from true self.

Recollecting of past sweet memories and bitter experiences,
Which we derived at,
With our sensual acts with the five major senses.

Hearing of unnecessary things,
observing unwanted undesirable things with our eyes,
the smell of finding fault with others and different things,
Our uncontrollable urge and use of the sense of touch and taste.

With our endless desires of experiencing different things,
We use all these senses in different manner.
These are the third important things to be diverted into proper use.
As they stop you in progressing in leading a meaningful life.

The fourth important forts which fortify your mind is, your thoughts of Happiness. You will be dancing with pride of your achievements.
You will have this thought of “I have to experience my happiness.””.
“I have to consume all happiness as I have achieved it.

This “I” thought will remain with you always.

All that happiness is meaningless illusion of your mind.
This fortification has to be removed around your mind.

What you have to experience and strive for is finding your true self,
The real happiness is that.
When you reach the ultimate stage of stillness,
You will take a form of that Eternal Bliss.

Other wise you will be united with that Eternal force.

As you progress in remaining in your true state,
All those thoughts will be going out quickly on their own.

For those who are not interested in self-inquiry,
Those who are not attracted towards this practice,
Or those who do not know how to practice this self-inquiry,
Certain daily routines are fixed as per traditions and scriptures.

The daily routine of getting up early in the morning,
Taking a clean bath, doing mantra japa and poojas,
Following the customs and traditions and various other things
Are suggested for them for practicing in daily life.

Those who can practice self-inquiry for them,
There is need of any Principles or Rules.
There are no disciplinary procedures or methods to be followed by them.

--- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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