Friday, January 8, 2010


Total Surrender to God gives full strength to tide over from Difficulties.

Arunachala Ramana.

Swamy Ramananda totally Surrendered to Arunachala Ramana.


Mr. Kapu Garu with his Grand children
Arrived at Ashram.

On New Year Day, 2010.

Every New Year Day,
Mr. Kapu Garu gives Clothes, fruits and Money
to Poor and need through Ashram.

Leprosy is eradicated 99 %.
Still some traces of it are there.
A leprosy patient is given clothes.

This Old man often travels between his house and Ashram.
He prefers to Stay in Ashram and total freedom is given to him.

Mr. Kapur garu's grand child with her Parents.

clothes and fruits to a old women.

It gives immense happiness to us when we see the spark of light in the Poor.

Mr. Kapu Garu always ready to Assist the ashram in case of need.
He Has arranged several truck loads of sand for Temple construction.
He is the President of  Transporters Association of Dharmavaram village.

Mr. Kapu Garu gave clothes, fruits and Money
to Mr. Nagender, Mr.Pandu and Mr. Veerababu.
The other two are busy with their works.
Mr. Nagender received on behalf of them.

The old couple energetically attend to Works in Kitchen and Goshala.

Felicitated by Mr. Kapu Garu.


There are several people who wants to do something
But don't know how to make first steps in charity.


Always try to help the poor and needy .
Poverty has no Religion and Region.
Channel Your Charity through Your Ashram.

Mr. kapu Garu and Mrs. Kapu Garu
Always ready to help the Needy.


Have a look around You,
Assist the Poor and needy Around Your Area.
Everywhere you will find a poor person who is in need.

Assist the Ashram in establishing a Home for the Aged.
It is often, women who are neglected.

there are so many Good People who are supporting Various Charitable institutions
Across the world.
Still lot to be done to bridge the gap between Poor and rich.
At least one should not worry about basic needs.

Every Drop Counts.
Start doing some thing from Your Side.
Assist the Ashram in channeling your charity.

Your Charity will never go Waste.
God gives You ten fold benefit to You.

These women are so used to difficulties.
Let us try to help them leading a peaceful life.

A Old age home for the Poor women is the Priority of Ashram.

Swamy Ramanada is one among the Poor,
Mr. Kapu garu felicitated Swamy 
with clothes, fruits and Money.

Mrs. Kapu Garu offering her respects to Swamy Ramanada.

Everyone regards Swamy Ramananda,
As he got divine Blessings from Arunachala Ramana.

Everyone has got divine Grace.
The only difference is , we don't experience it.

Swamy Ramananda Presenting Lord Ganesha Statue to Mr.Kapu Garu.

Seshadri Swamy, who turns 80 years next Year.
He left home 60 years back, by leaving all wealth.
He has his one ashram with two temples in a nearby village.
His total surrender to God gives him total Peace.

This Old Man is under the care of His son.
Happy, confident and secure in old age.
There are so many old people who are neglected and 
prefers to stay in Old age Homes.
all due to Generation Gap and misunderstandings.
Let us rebuild the gap of Relationships for lovely togetherness.
Without them , we are nothing.

Just Relax, No worries while Eating.
Don't worry about anything.
Always eat a timely vegetarian nutritious food.

She is Putting in total efforts with dedication.
she has to do overtime.
She has to work in fields for livelihood, and also household duties.
Share the work, lessen their burden.
Mutual love and respect builds good relationships.


You are Beautiful.
You have the Strength and Capacity to do wonders.
Know Your True Self.

We all part and Parcel of That ""ONE".
The Eternal force which drives all of Us.


Learn Sri Ramana Maharshi's Preachings.
They will help You in leading a Meaningful Life.


Come to Ashram.
Join with the Ashram.
Assist the Ashram in its Projects for the Poor.

let all of us travel together

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


Your Mind makes you to do many things.
It is the doer. It is the Beneficiary.

Your true self won’t get anything from the deeds of Your Mind.
All Glory and pride received through it,
Will result in distress at the end.
 All comforts and wealth gained by it will give misery at the end.

A learned person will never show interest in them.
Who ever control the speed of anger and amorous desires and deeds,
Before leaving this body,
He is the Fortunate “One”.


In the initial stages of spirituality you will experience difficulty.
But it will be pleasant as you progress in the practice.
All worldly passions are excellent in the initial stages of
Experiencing the Sweetness of them.

But as you go on enjoying them,
The difficulties will be arising and you will be experiencing them.

If you do all your duties with total responsibility in a
“Prescribed code of conduct of Morality,”
With the willingness and wisdom of dedication of all those deeds to god,
Then the liberation for you is granted and gifted in a golden platter.


Some type of deficiency will be there in all your deeds.
Even then you should not stop from doing acts.
Without any expectations, you should go ahead with you acts
With total disinterest in the end result.


Always focus your mind on your true self.
As a lotus flower which stands in a big pond without touching a drop of water,
You should remain in this world,
And attend to all your duties without any attachment like that lotus flower.


Your mind is your friend and also your enemy.
In your practice, if your mind supports you with its proper understanding,
Then that mind is your real friend who takes you to the destination.

Otherwise it will be your enemy which ensures your downfall.

Your strength of restraining the mind takes you to greater heights of
Real true status.

---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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