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Arunachaleshwara, nandieshwara And Aruanchala Ramana in ashram.

Arunachala Ramana temple in Ashram.
People Prefer to go To Devotional Places for peace and grace of God.

Devotees on Holy Pilgrimage.

Please go on Holiday trips once in a year with Family and Friends
To get relief from hectic mad mad rush in surviving in this materialistic world.

Total Surrender to God. Offering of Hair to God.
As per Custom people tonsure their head as sign of surrender to God.
There is No value for beauty of this Body.
It is only for People with Illusion.
The real beauty is
the way in which you deal and help others with Your love and Compassion.


 Dr. Rama Rao felicitating Swamy Ramananda.
total Surrender to Guru for his Graceful Knowledge.
Our Professional duties are different and saints and swamys duties are different.
But we all should serve and see others with equality and humanity.

Engage in your professional activities with total dedication.
Dont waste your earnings on unnecessary expenses.

 Save for the Rainy Day.
First take care about your roof and help others.
It does not mean be a miser with fear of losing money.
Always have confidence in your earning capacity.

 Allways put in total efforts in your work.
You are supposed to take care of your family members.
Be careful in choosing business partners.
in Most of the cases,
money matters make bitter enemies from friends.

Make Best use of Your Earnings.
By providing food,clothing and shelter to all family members.

With love and compassion.
Don't do that as a burden.
It gives immense satisfaction to spend money on people whom we Care.

Just try to help others also with your spare money.

Once You met all your children responsibilities.
Try to have some peaceful retirement life.
with your own house or with your children.
The choice depends on the relationships.
Allways try to be with all family members.
Unity is strength.
Know Yourself, You can handle all relations and
situations with out any effect on You.

Spiritual saints use saffron as dress code from generations.
Doctors use white. Lawyers use Black.
All are in Service of Humanity.
all will come to learned Masters to know the meaning of Life.
Parents and Grand Parents are the first Gurus for You.
First listen to their advise and take guidelines from them.

 Try to help the Spiritual masters who are in need.
They have no income on their Own.
For them just a meal is enough.
They Dont worry about next meal, total surrender to god.

There are some good people who attend to their Needs.
Let us help the needy according to our Capacity.

 We are comfortable  under good shade with Gods Grace.

What about these neglected Poor women.

 Just Relax, Dont worry with all these Problems.
Dont run away to Jungle and  hide yourself from 
all these misery and poverty around You.

Mr. Sambasiva Rao and Mrs. Eshwara Laksmi 
Donated More than one Million rupees for Arunachaleshwara Temple.

 Distcuss with Your Family Members.
Do some Charity according to Your capacities.

 Dont Discuss with anyone.
Take Your Own Decision.
You have all the strength to help the needy and Poor.

 Mrs. Eshwara Lakshmi distributing rice to Poor People.

Mr. Sambasiva Rao Under the Supervision of his Mother
Smt. Satyavathi Amma giving rice to poor Women.

They have offered their hair to God.
As a wish is fulfilled. Total surrender to God.
The Children of  Mr. Sambasiva Rao Doing Charity.

 The Most unpredictable persons with Excellent  Mind with sharp reactions.
So its mind makes many things.
Our Mind is Million times more fickle than this Lovely Monkey.

All our fellow living things lost their homes in forests
and wants accommodation in our flats.
They have already paid you the advance for rent.

They have already ""paid their Price"" by donating all their forest lands to You.

Some Are Immersed in work.
Look at the Man on right hand corner of picture .
He is Talking over Mobile,Unnecessary nonsense
issues without concentrating on work.

Simple mistakes takes you into major accidents.
So don't drive cars or vehicles

in drunken state with listening to loud Music and talking over Mobile.
It is nothing But Madness as you lost control over Yourself.
Know Yourself listen to elders and follow it.

Mr. Sambasiva Rao and Mrs. Eshwara Lakshmi
honouring swamy Ramananda.
Total  Surrender to god and guru.
The role Models in charity. 
The couple says, they are just a medium and everything is guided by God.

 Come to Ashram.
Join with the Ashram.
Assist the Ashram.

Let all of us travel together 

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


Why you assume and condition your mind and mark yourself as a Householder.

Even if you took “Sanyasa”,
The thought of “ I am a Sanyasi “ will be following You.

There is no need for this type of identifications.

Even if you are a householder, if you want to go to forests by leaving family,
Your mind will be following you.

The sense of identification yourself with body,
Your pride and ego are the root causes for your thoughts.
That will create you the body and world, to present yourself in the world.


What will happen when you Renounce family life ???

Instead of “ I am Householder “ thought,
You will be having the thought,
“I am a Sanyasi.”

It will create forest surroundings for you, instead of family life atmosphere of home.


Mental blocks will be there always. Where ever you go, they will come.

In the New environment ,where You have gone,
Those mental blocks will become more and more and will be working with renewed vigor.

It is not at all beneficial for you by changing living conditions,
By moving from one place to another place in search of peace,
 For creating a new surroundings around you for peaceful life.


There is only one stumbling block for you.
That is Your Mind.

Whether you are in Home or Forest you have overcome it.

Consistent self-inquiry holds you and takes you out,
By making you jump over all stumbling blocks, to reach to your true state.


The Practice of “ Sanyasam “is a subject matter of Mind.

It is not related to going to forests,
Or secluded serene places or renouncing all duties and responsibilities.

The important attention of yours should be to ensure that your mind
Is not chasing against the external factors in this world.
You have to ensure that it turns inside to know its true state.


The Truth is,
Whether You should be here or You should go to some other places,
Whether you have to attend to all duties or Renounce all duties and responsibilities,

All these important things are not in your hands.

All these things happen according to accumulated fate.


When you are born with this body,
all activities and actions to be attended by you are already pre-determined for You.

For accepting them by putting your seal of approval or
The possibility of refusing and rejecting them,
You have no choice,
All those things are not in your hands.

The only option which you have is diverting your mind inside and
Renouncing all your engagements with these worldly activities,
By surrendering before your true self.

---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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  1. excellent and hatsoff to your ashramam.

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