Monday, February 1, 2010


Lord Shiva as Ardha Nareeshwara.
Lord Shiva and Shakti in One Form.
Male and Female in One Form.
The Eternal force of Atma.
The Atma is One.
No differentiation of Male and Female.
We are under in the careful hands of The Supreme Power.
Lord Arunachaleshwara's as Arthanarieshwara
Arunachala Ramana's grace is there on all of us
for Experiencing the eternal Force.
Ramaswamy and Lakshmana Swamy.
Staying in two ashrams within a Distance of 20 kilometers.
Twin Swamy's, Twin Temples of Arunachala Ramana And Arunachaleshwara.
Twenty Years of dedication to Arunachala Ramana.
Thousands of Arunachala Ramana's Devotees across the world.
We all are One.
 Let all of us try to know our True Self.
Villagers around the ashram depend on Agriculture.
Rice Crops. 
With Advanced Technology the Crops are harvested within 90 days.
Electric Motors, Ground Water Borewells,
 Pesticides and Fertilizers all are used for quick yield of Crops.
Cocounut Trees are planted around the Farm Land.
Farmers depend on land and make best use of them for long term benefits.

A Product Mix.
 Cocount Trees and Banana Trees along with Rice Crops.
It Takes 90 days for Rice, 9 Months for Banana's and 
 3 years for coconut trees to give benefit to farmers.
So Plan Your life and work with dedication and hard work.
the fruits of labor will come to You automatically.

Some short term Goals and Some Long term Goals.
With a single goal of knowing the Trueself.
Beautiful Hills with Immense Mineral Resources.
Natural lake in between the Hills.
If these lakes are not protected,
Precious water gets 
contaminated with different industrial effluents.
These Cement rings are used for protecting the Man made wells.
Ground water resources are used in villages
 by drawing water from open Man Made Wells.
Accept the World around You"" as it is"" dont worry about it.
Try to improve the conditions according to Your Capacity.
Know the Truth.
Know Yourself.
 Know where You Stand.
So Many Material things are needed for Us.
So Many attractions, dont touch them unnecessarily,
 otherwise they will give You Electric shock.
Let them pass on their Own. 

Dont take the burden of keeping those attraction in your safe custody of Mind.
When You Know Your True self.
You will stand with your total Strength.
So Many Mobile towers are coming up at every village.
 a Mobile Phone has become a part of our Body.
so Dont get controlled by Modern equipment.
You control them and use them for your comforts.
Dont get addicted to them.
We have to Plant more and More trees for  protecting the Environment.
As we are Planting Some Iron Trees for Meeting our Modern Needs.
A farmer's needs are minimum.
He is concerned about Grass and Grains.
Taking the Farm Produce for Selling and
 Storing some for his survival.

Grass is stored for Cows and Buffaloes.
Beautiful buffalloes in a state of stillness.
We are disturbed due to our ceaseless thoughts of Mind.
Know Yourself.
Then You will be in a active and happy state.
Nothing disturbs your Peace.
You can attend to all your duties with total dedication.
A Simple Compound wall boundary with bamboo sticks.
All these boundaries are creation of Mind for our survival in this world. .
When You know your true self, there are no boudaries for You.
Tobaccco leaves Dried under sunshade in a Hut.
A farmer prefers to cultivate Tobacco as it gives good Price.
Then Who will Grow our Food Grains ??.
Can't we demand food items instread of Tobacco,
the market forces are driven by our Demands.
There is a good demand for Tobacco.

A clean House in a Village.
Another Good House.

Another Beautiful house. 
And these Farmers manufacture their Own cigaratees with these dried leaves.
and spoil their health with these tobacco leaves.
For passing the time they engage in the activity of smoking.

Follow the Leaders. have faith In Teachers.
But in the process dont have blind faith.
Use your consciousness with clever enthusiastic deft way of dealing with things.
A poor sheep always believes its master whether he takes home or A Slaughter House.

God has given millions of vegetarian eatable things to You.
When You Know about Yourself .
You will touch us with love and Concern.

Even Grass for cows and sheep has become a scarce Commoditiy.

Palm Oil trees are grown as commercial Crops.
to meet the ever increasing demands of Edible Oils.

We have to Bring More and More land under cultivation.
To meet our ever increasing food consumption needs.
in the process we have to Protect the Natural Resources.

Cocounut trees and Banana Plantations.
Daily lakhs of trees are destroyed for our needs.
It takes Years for growing a tree.
Let us Plant and Protect trees around our Area.

Know Yourself.
then You will know everything.
Nothing will be left to be Known.
Listen to Sri Ramana Maharshi's Preachings and Practice them.
It will help You in knowing your true state.
Sri Ramanada Swamy is ready to help You in Your Path.

All Twists and turns of life can be smoothly travelled
when You Know Yourself.
 Start Practicing in the Path of self-inquiry.

Come to Ashram.
Join with the Ashram.
Assist the Ashram in its Humanitarian Projects.

Let all of us travel together

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


Different philosophies and theories take shelter under this Mind.
“Where is that Mind “
if you question yourself and inquire within, that mind will disappear.

When that Mind is not there, there is no scope for survival of
different theories and philosophies and their associated customs,
traditions and endless things.

When it is not there,
when it gets united with the true self,
All types of disturbances will not be there for you.

All your efforts to know about the outside world and
 its various things are just your ignorance.

It is a statement of surprise, to keep you wondering,
 as it sets aside all your acquired knowledge about this world.

But when we think about it calmly, we will know the truth of it.

All this knowledge about the worldly issues are not leading to
 Your happiness and peace.

 By not knowing about others,
By knowing about your true self is the real ultimate experience of Knowledge.

In reality all this knowledge and ignorance belongs to that mind only.

When Mind is not there,
 there is no value at all for both of them.


In reality the experience of true self is not there in thoughts or
Impressions of memory.

As there are no proper words to explain that real experience of true self,
It is called as knowledge.

That is the only thing there.
 That is You.
When the sense of self is not there,
The differentiation of You and Me , wont arise in between us.

Then what remains is the omnipresent non dual true self.

Even Future and past time periods will be treated as present in the true self.
That true self always stays in timeless Present State.

Instead of knowing the philosophy of truth now,
Deciding to learn at the fag end of your life is your foolishness.

 All these countries, various time Zones, and various other things are just fabrication of Mind.

Some may be aware of it; some may not be knowing them,
But YOU are beyond the scope of them.

Whether they are there or not, YOU are always there.

An ignorant person will be under illusionary identification of himself with body
And restricts himself under the scope of that body and Mind.

Then He is always bounds by different actions and their results arrived at by that mind and body.

But a saint will be beyond this identification of himself with body
and he always experiences the limitless existence of his true state.

For Ignorant person the world appears to be totally made with
 Different names and forms and he will be under
Wrong assumption of his world as real truth.

But for a Saint, the support center on which this world is based
Appears as the real truth.

---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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