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Lord Dattatreya and Shirdi Sai Baba with Lord shiva.

Lord Dattatreya The First Guru of the Universe.

Arunachaleshwara , Nandieshwara and Arunachala Ramana in Ashram.

Matha Saraswathi Birthday Celebrations in
Sri Sadguru Seva Ashram, Vangalapudi.
0n 20.01.2010.
Do read all simple truths of dialy life
Below each Photograph.
It condtions Your Mind in Right Path.

Welcoming devotees with Floral Decorations.

The Main Building of the Sadguru Seva Ashram.
Matha Saraswathi Temple also there in this Ashram.

Matha Tulasi, the Holy Plant before the Ashram.

A day filled with festivities and celebrations.

This ashram is Established in 1960.
the Great Saint Malayala Swami visited this Ashram.

Only Spiritually incliened people
 will be entering here,
 all with the guidance of God.

In this Ashram only,
20 years ago, 
Swamy Ramananda Got Divine Blessings from 
Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Great Saints and Gurus are equal to God.

Matha Saraswathi Temple in Ashram.

Matha Sarswathi .

Matha Saraswathi Grants Knowledge.

Knowledge is the Only Asset.
Which Can not be Stolen, or shared among Brothers.
When Saraswathi devi's Grace is there, 
Lakshmi Devi comes to You automatically.
Wherever knowledge is there wealth comes automatically.

Company of Good Learned People
Grants You Good Knowledge.

Since decades,
Gods, Matha's, Saints and Sadhu's Pictures
are adoring these Walls of Temple.

In This Ashram Premises only,
Twenty Years Ago, A brilliant Light came out of 
A Photograph of Sri Ramana Maharshi
And Struck Swamy Ramananda .
And He fell Unconcious for Some time.
After Gaining Consciousness he asked who is that Old Man in Photo,
Mathajis replied him saying that he is Sri Ramana Maharshi.
Then he realized the Grace of Sri Ramana Maharshi and dedicated himself to
Arunachala Ramana. Soon his twin Brother Joined Him.
Now 2 Ashrams, 2 Ramana Temples and 20 years of dedication
to Arunachala Ramana and His devotees.

There are No Carpets or any Material wealth.
Just Simple basic things even after 50 years of establshing the Ashram
With thousands of Devotees behind to provide all facilities.
Clear indication of their disinterest in material things.
Used gunny bags are stiched and used as Carpet for Devotees.

Mathajis' Delivering their Lectures.
Matha Chidananda giri Sitting in centre
 First Spoke
 about the Importance of the Knowledge of self.
What we presume as knowledge is just an illusion,
that knowledge only Helps you in acquiring skills of survivial.

Swamy Ramananda Presided over the Satsang.

Swamy Ramananda with Suryananda Swamy.

A learned Man, who worked as Additional Secretary In Government,
Renounced material life after completing all his childrens Responsibilites.
All his Children are well setted as Big Officials.
Now he is totally in service of People and Spirituality.

Swamy Ramananda gives due respect to all sadhus and Mathajis.

Sri Nirvishesh ananda Mathaji 
Head of Sri Sadguru Ashram.

Sri Para Brahma ananda Mataji(left)
, Sri Chidananda Mathaji and 
Sri Eshani Chaitanya Mathaji.(right).

Sri Para Brahma ananda Mataji.
Sri Ramakrishna Ashramam, Keshava dasu Palem.

Swamy Ramananda eloborating the preachings and clarifying the doubts.

Bhakti Marga is the first step in the path of knowing the true self.

We should use limited effective words in conversations.
We should not give total freedom to our senses.
We have to use them with limitations.

When we forget our true state.
We will be going for satiating our desires.
when Those desires are not fullfilled you will be burning with anger and Hate.
Then You will loose all your comprehending skills.

These people are very fortunate to receive the great words of wisdom
from mathaji's, 
it happens only with gods Grace.

When We do our duties with the Knowledge of True self,
all our duties are Divine in nature.

Attend to all Your Responsibilites associated with Your Physical Body,
But You Know Yourself , then Peace will be within You.
All activites will go on without any of Your efforts.

Continuous Practice with dedication is required to attain the ultimate peace.

Every one will reach a stage of Blankness in life,
After fulfilling some materialistic Desires.
As Sun ray is splitted in to Rainbow and becomes ineffective,by loosing its Power.
all our enegies and efforts will go in wrong colorful directions of the world.
When You Know your true self all your energies will go in right Direction.

Your Knowledge Never Perishes, it grows when You share with others.

Beautiful Atmosphere in Ashram.

You are always under the Grace of God.

Since Decades, Several People Come to this Ashram
To have a word of Advise from Sadhus and Mathaji's.

Swamy Ramananda with Suryananda Swamy.

Whereever You go, for mental peace and happiness,
Your thoughts will be following you like Your Shadow,
 with its endless frustrations.
So First Know Yourself.
There is No need to go Anywhere.
all is there within You.
Practice Self-inqury and know Yourself.

Our Endless Desires will take us in doing all meaningless Activities.
Know Yourself,
When You know yourself,
 You will see good and evil with total equality. 
And All Your deeds will go in right directions.

Dont waste Your time on Unncessary activites at Night.
Good People Never particiate in various  dangerous 
addictive attractions of the World.

Attend to Your daily duties with total
Enthusiasm and dedication.
Never allow a Moment of dullness enter You.
Life is beautiful. Enjoy it in decent meaningful Way.
When You Know Your true self
You will see everything with love and Concern.

Come to Ashram.
Join with Ashram.
Assist the Ashram in its Humanitarian Projects.

Let all of us travel together

The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


A saint like any other ignorant person, will be eating food,
Will be attending to natural calls and will be doing
All day to day activities like any ordinary person will do.

He will be taking medicines for any diseases and
Will be doing different things which are similar to what we do.

But the difference is there in only one thing.

That is,  In all given conditions and at all times
a saints Mind will remain stable,
firm and clean without any impurities.

he will be always in a state,
where the knower and the known are not differentiated.
He will remain in a unchangeable state of total peace.

But An ignorant persons mind always remains
in confusions and wavering in worldly things.

That is the only difference.


Liberation of soul is not a visible external thing.

For experiencing the true self,
One has to experience it on his own,
It is not possible to explain in detail to others. It can not be shown.

Who will be knowing his efforts for attaining that state ??,

Who will know the number of difficult situations
That saint has faced for controlling that Mind,
By putting in great determined efforts in practice.

Naturally a saint will be helping all others with his nature.

By reading a book,
Or by listening to some thing or through which,
A total equality with love towards all has arisen in you,
That is called as Knowledge.

Due to this love and equality Emperor Shibi chakravarthi
Is able to cut his body and  donated it
With total equality and love for others and
Remained in a unchangeable condition.

King Janaka remained in a stable unchangeable condition
At both  the times,
When the kingdom is burning and at the time of celebrating the festivities.

Due to this total equality in Mind as well as
With words and deeds they remained in unchangeable stable state.

Those who conquered and destroyed the Mind are the real Valiant Heroes.

---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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