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Arunachaleshwara, Nandieshwara and Arunachala Ramana in Ashram.

Shri M.R. Nageshwara Rao, Who has dedicated his entire life to
Arunachala Ramana, has written No of Books about 
Arunachala Ramana and Arunachaleshwara.
He Came to Ashram to Address the Devotees.
He is an Authority on Self-inquiry and Spirituality.

A Guru adopts Different methods of Teaching to his disciples.
Firm faith in Guru and Discipline in learning are 
the Primary things in the path of Self -inquiry.

Sri. M.R. Nageshwara Rao has explained about the Grace of
Arunachaleshwara and Arunachala Ramana.
The Endless presence of the Eternal Super Power.
You will be a free bird in the Sky.
When You know Your True Self.

A Mighty Man always Remains Humble.
The Guru will guide the disciplines in Right Path.
This Young Girl has taken care of all Hospitality Services to Guru.
With total Care and Concern and with due respects.

This Young Girl gave a bunch of flowers to 
the Great Guru.

These people are poor in material wealth , 
But having Priceless love and respects for Elders.

Swamy Ramanada and Sri M.R.Nageshwara Rao Garu
Sitting at Mango tree, enquiring about to day to day life of Devotees.
And Advised the devotees about how to lead a Meaningful Life.

Swamy Ramanada respects All Masters .
Great Gurus and Masters will be visiting him to Discuss about 
Arunachala Ramana's grace.

A Hill resembling Arunachalam is There Near Ashram.

Exactly opposite this Hill another Hill is there.
That Hill is
 abobe of Lord Shiva, His Sons Ganesha And Subhramanya.Swamy.
Lord Dattatreya and his Incarnation of Kaliyuga, 
Shirdi Sai baba Temples are also there on the Hill.
It is  One of the Holy hills, where great saints did Penance.
Lots of Proofs are there about the Saints Presence and Penance on these Hills. .

Even after Great Progess of Mankind, Still lots of Poor People are there.
All due to man made inequalities.

Ashram arranges free medical treatment and 
medicines to Local Poor People.

Lakshmana Swamy, Twin Brother of Swamy Ramananda 
Distributing the Medicines.

Helping the Poor and Needy is our Priority.
Please help the needy according to Your Capacity.
Irrespective of Region and Religion.
Just have a look around Your Area.
Some one May be in Need.

Together we can do wonders.
Associate with Ashram .
Let us help the needy according to our Capacities.
Every Drop Counts.
Once You have the will to do good things,
Every things goes on smoothly.
Let all of us work together as a team.

Listen to Your Consciousness.
Then You will do Wonders.

Have a Look at These Little Kids.
One of them has stopped her Father
In Going in wrong Path with his bad habits.

She Adopted her One Method.
Holding and Hiding his slippers.
So Think about the People who are concerned about You.
Before doing any wrong Deeds.

Mr. Veera babu, The Young father of a Kid,
 Know his responsibilites of Family.
Under the guidance of Swamy Ramananda ,
He can never enter in wrong Deeds.

Look at this Young Man, Mr. Shiva.
Who will come and serve ashram in his spare time
Designing excellent Photos and Brochures of Arunachala Ramana.
Allways at service of Ashram
Attending to different Social and Spiritual activites of Ashram.

In the initial Stages of Self-inquiry You will have 
Different doubts about this Path.

But once you enter into Path.
Everything will be guided by God.
Arunachala Ramana will take You in this path.
Everything will be clear and journey will be smooth.
Once You have firm belief and faith.

Then You will smoothly go in the Journey of life,
 with total Happiness , Total Contentment and Peace.

Come to Ashram.
Join with Ashram.
Assist the Ashram in its humanitarian Projects.

Let all of us travel together 
The Way of selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


When a Little boy and his father watches a movie in theatre
How they will receive it with their perception ??.

The little boy will express his joy or fear according to
The fun and horror moving on the silver screen.
The Boy thinks that everything as real.

But the father knows that it is directed by some one and
All the actors are acting according to his direction.
He knows that it is just an imaginary story of the writer.


Similarly, an Ignorant person with the illusions and
Wrong perceptions of his mind,
Concludes that this world, its various things and items, its people ,
Various incidents arriving at, with his interactions and endless things
With which he deals with,
As Real.

Then He will be growing and nurturing attachments,
Emotions, hatred and remain in a restless state.

But a Saint knows that all this is fabricated fiction of the mind,
he remains stable and firm with total peace with total equality
Without allowing any emotions or attachments or
Hatred entering in his Mind.


A saint will experience the true self,
By knowing that when mind is not there, world is also not there,
By searching the birth place of the first thought of “I”,
By exploring the real truth behind,
The sense of self identification with his body, by His Mind.

After eliminating the Mind by experiencing the true self,
He will identify about the illusion of the world,
The world which is not there, but appears to be there.

He identifies and experiences this world
At the residence of pure consciousness and
Experiences that world as his permanent address.


Then he knows that this entire world is just a reflection of him.
He will be enjoying that state with the feelings of total equality,
even by equating himself with even a blade of grass of the world.

That is the experience of Universal true self.
The heart felt feeling of Universal Atma.

He will be finding himself in all, and identifying all in him.
He knows that, Himself and all others are not having
Separate individual identity.
This is experienced as eternal presence of true self in all.
The endless total presence of Atma in All.
The ever omnipresent true self, the Atma.


For searching the truth,
 a ripened and matured state of mind is required.

For the highest state of comforts,
The excellent enemies of our mind,
Our desires and fears, has to be conquered.

Once Your reach that state,
the mind which got detached from all wants and fears,
Will be soaring high in the clear sky endlessly with its wings of freedom.

The Main Identifiable indications for reaching
And remaining in self less state are,
Remaining in great peace with non moving solid state of happiness,
Without any euphoria or elations due to praise,
Without any depressions or dullness for abuses.

When these are practiced in the path with
The goal of attaining the true self,
With firm dedication and determination,
Then the true self will reveal to you on It Own.

Then you will be Part and Parcel of that Eternal True Self. The Atma.

---- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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