Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Arunachaleshwara , Nandieshwara and Arunachala Ramana in Ashram.

Ramananda Swamy and Lakshmana Swamy.
Total dedication to Aruanchala Ramana.
20 years, 2 Ashrams. 2 temples of Sri Ramana.

Arunachala Ramana's Presence in all villages around the Ashram.


All Your Scientific equipments gives only Physical Pleasures.
Cars, Mobiles, TV's , I Pods.,all have become part and Parcel of Your self.
All Your endless desires cause distress for more and more.

So when You know your true self, all these are Immaterial.

Science and Technology gives only physical comforts.
Age old Ancient Scriptures teach the good way of leading Life.
So balancing both is our priority.

To Err is Human.
With all Your scientific advancement,
if some human mistake happens,
then there will be total disaster for all living things.

Now with Our Scientific advancements and research
We are finding Genetically Modified Plants, 
for protecting them we produce poisonous Pesticides.
Let us Protect the thousands of years old Plant Species.

More and More Comforts in Modern World.
For Millions of People is causing 
Quick consumption of Natural Resources.
Let us try to replenish the Natural wealth with Afforestation programmes.

You can make a Difference in a Big Way.
Just look around yourself and protect the environment
around You with like Minded People.

Know Your true self, then all your actions will go in Positive Way.

All the things in this world will never satiate Your five Senses.
When You Know Your true self, You give least importance to those Senses.
then You will be in total Peace with that Eternal One.

Breakfast, Lunch , dinner.
Don't forget to take Nutritious Food while You are in hectic Activities.
We Know how difficult it is to survive in this highly competitive world.
You will get the Necessary strength, when You know about Your true self.
Be confident and Move Ahead with total dedication.


Come to Ashram.
Join with the Ashram.
Let all of us travel together 
The way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


When a saint’s attention is there on one thing,
The divine power starts functioning,
Then it will be extremely auspicious for those who have that attention.

Those are the important incidents which will inculcate devotion
And faith in Sri Ramana Maharshi.’s Divine Grace.
Those experiences will create inspiration for all for learning
Sri Ramana Maharshi’s Preachings.

Whatever it may be, what that grace will do for you is,
It will just create inquisitiveness in you to know the meaning of life
By learning in the path of knowing the eternal Truth.


You are always in a illusionary imaginary condition
When you don’t know about your true self.

After identification of yourself with body,
After knowing all sensual pleasures as your purpose of life,
You will be in a distressful condition of leading life in your entire life span.

With Gods Grace you will be saved and pulled out of that condition.
Crores of population are immersing in those worldly passions with their amorous desires and attachments and undergoing through all types of Miseries.


The Arising of that thought about God is
The greatest first deed done by that Grace.

With Grace only you will be thinking about God.

Grace gives you inspiration to move in right path and
Everything is under Gods Grace only.

--- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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