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Lord Arunachaleshwara And Matha apeetha Kuchamba.
Lord arunachaleshwar and matha Apeetha Kuchamba's
Temples are under construction in Ashram.

Arunachala Ramana's Graceful presence across the Globe.

Swamy Ramananda
 Under the Divine guidance of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Swamy Ramananda explaining Arunachala Ramana's Preachings.

Devotees from villages around the ashram
Seek Swamy Ramanada's Blessings and Advise.

These village women have dedicated themselves to god and Family.
They attend to their duties and responsibilities with total Dedication.
They have firm faith in Arunachala Ramana and Swamy Ramananda.

Swamy Ramananda Giving blessings to Devotees.

These village people depend on agriculture for Survival.
rich farmers use modern Technology.
Majority are Poor. they Purely depend on god , Earth and Nature.
Water is  Precious and very essential for our life.
Dont waste water in your urban city lifes.

Now there Banana Trees also lost their resistance Power.
they are surviving with the support of fertilizers and Pesticides.
Now for quick commercial gains genetically modified seeds penetrated in farm lands.
Farmers are crying across the world.
Let Us Protect the thousands of years old original species for future generations.

The poor farmers dont have regular income.
They dont have any fixed salaries.
they provide us with all essential food items.

what we provide them is Modern Equipment.
We are dragging them into the Modern world
 by catching them with our attractions.

Growing Banana Trees.
Let us grow fruit bearing Plants and trees around our home .

It requires lots of Patience in the profession of agriculture.
their fruits of labor are used by us.
Let us bring more and more lands under cultivation with our Money
By supporting the farmers and Villagers.

Place your burden on God.
 Go for total Surrender to god.
He will carry all your responsibilites and takes you to the destination.

By sitting in your Brand New Yellow Vehicle.
You are Full of Pride with your acheivements and proud of Your Possessions.
You are under the illusion of Yourself as the doer of all deeds.
Know Yourself.
then You can remain with all your possessions without any attachments.
Then You will donate some of the Possessions to the Poor and Needy.

When You know Your True self.
You will see beauty around You.
Attend to Your duties and responsibilites with total dedication.
Earn good Money . Progress in Career. Fulfill Your Needs.
Then share something according to Your Capacity.

Even this truck is not enough to fill our cherised desired Possessions.
What we need is Contentment.

Have a look at the wise man with a red bucket,
For Him " A bucket full of items ""are enough.

Is is so ???

What a Joke.??? is it Possible in these days of Modern world ???

We will show You the Proof.

Have a Look at the Bucket in the Picture.
Have a look at the two pairs of clothes of a Saint.
Have a Look at a tumbler on the blue table.

Just a bucket full of items.

There are so many Sadhus, Saints and Mathaji's
Who are just surviving with simple things.
God and Spirituality is their only Assets.

We think that they are weak, but they are weak in Money Making only.
They have total strength without any materialistic possessions.
Let us help them in spreading the spirituality.
By attending to their basic Needs.
They will guide us in leading a Meaningul life.
It is our duty to takecare about them.

These villagers are happy and content.
Have a look at new pair of plastic chairs and Pillows.
some basic needs are attended.
They are content with their earnings.

Villagers share their food with cows and Domestic animals.
You share your food with your frineds and relations.
Only Vegetarian food is advised.

These villagers are content with their Possessions.
No Impulsive Purchases to Fill the house with unnecessary items.
have a check list of  all your possessions
and dontate the items which are not Useful for You.

team work is essential.
together we can do wonders.
Associate with us.
 let us implement our common ideas.

Once or twice a year go on a Holiday trip with Your Friends and Family.

We know your hardships in attending to your roles in this modern world 
with lots of stress and strain by using your skill sets for survival.

When You Know Yourself.
all Your duties and responsiblities will go on effortlessly
 and it will be a smooth ride for You.

This boy can not understand the preachings of spirituality.
But he prefers the presence of saints.
So always be in the Company of Good people and Places.
Associate with ashram to Know the Path of Self-inquiry of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Have a look at the glowing face of this Little Girl.
She has not yet entered in to Making Money in this competitive world.
You are unique and Special.
With Your own skill sets.
Dont compare with anyone.

dont go for impuslive unnecessary purchases for endless possesions.

Some one Prefers a Mobile with A camera, Radio MP3 Player.

But You prefer a Mobile Only.
so Buy a Mobile. dont buy a thing which you dont require.
Dont accumulate unnecessary things by comparing with others.
Dont waste Your Money on unnecessary things.
Use it wisely and assist the poor and needy.

Growing boys and Girls need a regular nutritious Food.
Inculcate in them to eat vegetarian food only.
When they start eating non vegetarian food they dont mind killing birds for Fun.

A lion hunts only for its type of food, when it is hungry. 
at other times it wont harm any Bird or Animal.
Let us learn from that Lion.

Proper grooming is required from childhood.
There are so many boys and girls who dropped studies for lack of financial strength.
You have all the strength with in You. and also at Outside world.
Donate for Childrens education according to your capacity.

You are going in right path.
Sri Ramana Maharshi will guide you for Happiness and Peace.

Come to Ashram.
Join with Ashram.
Assist the ashram for its Humanitarian Projects.

Let all of us travel together
The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.


What is meant by Knowledge.
It is a comprehension.
Learning and understanding about the truth.
From the time of taking birth to till death, so many things
will be happening in your life and in the world around you.
Your needs and desires will be changing and growing according
to your changing circumstances.

Endless incidents will be happening around You.
So an analytical comprehension and dissection of those incidents is knowledge.

A Man always prefers and desires to be in a state of tranquility.
Tranquility is far superior to happiness.

In your life and in the world around you,
So many incidents will be happening ceaselessly.

Some of them will force you to experience pain and distress.
Some of them will be showering joy and spreading happiness around you.

You will have a totally disturbed shaken mind when you are faced with that distress.
You will be with total excitement and enthusiasm when
You received that shower of happiness.


So for all these ever changing conditions,
We have to observe how a devotee will accept them ???
How a saint will react to them  ????

When you are a devotee, your adorable favorite god also will be there.

You will be always reciting the Name of god,
For establishing a relationship to get connected with that God.
With total faith and confidence you will believe that
He is your protector of all times and believe that he will remove all your difficulties.


Including you, if we analyze number of devotee’s life history,
We will observe that at certain situations the god has removed
The difficulties of devotees.
But in certain situations even though the devotees are crying with distress,
That god has not shown any mercy on them in number of circumstances.

There are so many great devotees,
Who accused god for not listening to their requests and
Abused him for not removing their difficulties in number of incidents.

You can understand this fact by referring to any great devotee’s life history.


When the devotee dedicatedly loves god with his words, deeds and mind,
Why that god is lenient and indifferent towards him.
A devotee is having total faith and complete love towards God.
But God wants to test the devotee, by creating difficulties,

Why he wants to know, to what extent he will withstand  them.

When real love is there why this type of Tests are needed ??.

God resides in devotees Hearts.
Then why he is not recognizing the devotees love towards him.

In our worldly activities itself we humans behave in lovely nature with all.
We know only to give love but we don’t know how to take back it.

Then why this god’s love is different ???

He promised that all his devotees will never become ruined and guaranteed that at all times and at all paces his protection is there for all.

Then why the history of the devotees showing the distress in their life’s.

But all histories concluded with one thing.


They explained that the devotee has to face difficulties due to his fate.
When he has to experience what is there for him in his fate,
Then why this devotee should go for devotion unnecessarily.

With his words, deeds and mind why should this devotee offer his wealth,
His pride  and life to God. Why this love towards God ??

As long as you are feeling yourself as a Devotee,
a protecting god is compulsory for You.

You have to bear him in your Mind.

Whether he helps you or not,
As you have become his devotee you have take care about him in your Mind.
This is the pitiable condition of a devotee.

 At All times, at all regions even a great devotee
Will have these types of thoughts in his mind naturally,
When he is faced with difficulties. There are no exceptions to It.

From Where all these types of thoughts are coming ??? .


They are coming from his mind only.
Then it means, the devotees mind is struck in the whirl wind of thoughts
And starts suffering from it.

With this the devotee will force his mind into confusions.

Then what about the Learned Person and a Sage ????


Whatever incidents happen in life or in the world around him,
The saint will have proper comprehension of the things.
He will understand them perfectly.

There is no necessity to tell about comforts.
There is no need for elaborations about them.
It is same for a devotee, a saint and also for general public.

It is only at the time of difficulties proper comprehension is necessary.


In devotion god is different and devotee is different,
this duality will be there.
In true Knowledge non duality will be there.

In that, there is  no separate identity for god and self.
Only one is there.
That is Atma.
That is Me. That is You. That is god.
Everything is that.

Why these thoughts of duality are arising is due to that Minds Existence.
When Mind is eliminated non duality prevails.

What is finally concluded is ,
Whoever goes in which ever path,
the important thing to execute is ,
They have to follow in the path with proper comprehensions.

He has to ensure the Evaporation of all impressions which are stored
As a result of past actions.

The destination is elimination of Mind.

For this the Self inquiry of”” Who am I “will assist you immensely
In reaching the destination.

------ Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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