Saturday, January 2, 2010


The Day Before the Celebrations of Birthday.
All are welcome at Ashram.
Visit us at Your convenient time.

The Best day in a year for Ashram is
 Sri Ramana Jayanthi.

Lots of Arrangements are Necessary to Accommodate fifteen thousand People.

Different Tents Are Erected for Each Event.

One for cooking, One for Medical Camp, One for Serving Food .
And A big Tent is Prepared for 
The Main Event of spiritual conference.

Invitations are sent to All People in All villages around Ashram.
Everyone contributed to the event according to their capacities.
Men, Women, Boys participated in  inviting all devotees
by visiting door to door for One Week.

Arrival of Cooking Utensils.

Day and Night Boys worked for inviting people.
And collected all contributions,
Rice, Food items and Vegetables.

Special tents for Serving food.

Different Exit and Entrance roots to prevent Stampede.

Day and Night worked without any second thoughts about the time.

Everyone Will be waiting to attend to the Once in a year Event.

The Construction Workers Completed the Assigned work.

Now one Stage of Arunachaleshwara Temple is completed.
Still lots of work to be done.
Still lots of Donations to be collected from the Devotees.

A New Shed for Accommodating Cows and Calf's.


Arrival of Auto.
The Popular Three Wheeler.

Mr. Ravi(with Cap) and Mr. Veera babu worked day and Night ,
for the past One Month.

Age old Methods are still in Practice.

No of People Participated in different Works.

Time and tide wait for No One.
The tents are tied with Strong Ropes.
Every Small work needs attention.
Always aim at Perfection in Your works.

Arrival of rice for Cooking lunch for Devotees.
Mr. Arun Ahluwalia of Canada has Donated Rs.5005/- for Food Expenses.
Several House Holders to Business men donated Rice from 1 kilogram to 25 kilograms Bags.

Big Vessels.

The Essential Tools.

Learn something about Everything.
Cooking is an Art.

 Big Frying Pan.
Always Go For Nutritious Food.

Our Body develops the way in which we feed it.

Mr.Veerababu,Mr.Pandu and Mr.Nagender worked day and night
As all rounders attending to all works.
Shifting of Rice to Stores.

 Elders and Kids Brought Pumpkins, Vegetables, 
Tamarind Packets, Rice and different food items.

Several Men and Women with Kids arrived at Ashram
After finishing their Dinner at Home.

Bottle Gourds are used in Preparation of Sambar.
(A Liquid Preparation with all Vegetables and Pulses).

Around fifty people participated in Kitchen.

Kids Participated with total Happiness.

Kids roamed here and there 
 the entire Night No rest just fun.

Men At Work.

The cutting Process of Vegetables.

Tamarind Packets and Rice.


The Sacred Agni.

Mr. Veerababu carrying rice.

Big Man, Big Load.

The Stoves are Ready.

No Rest for Me, 
Enjoy Your Work.

Tamarind soaked in water for Tasty preparations.

Pumpkins are also Used.

Only Vegetarian food, No doubts about It.

All sitting together. with festival Atmosphere.

These men are in different Professions.

We Dont know who is Doctor Who is Actor.

The Supervisor.
Only Oral Instructions for the Orchestra of cooking.

Kids Washing Sweet Potatos.

Life is always Sweet , Make  best use of it.

Rich in heart, very Poor in material wealth.

It is Dedication to 
 Swamy Ramananda and Arunachala Ramana.

Row of Stoves.

A Loyal disciple follow the Master.
This dog came with its Master.

Almost the Vegetables Process completed.
Pulses soaked in water.

Filling the Vessels.

Pumpkin pieces.

It is the season of Bottle Guards.


Mr. Pandu Pouring water into Vessel.

Mr. Nagender brought his bucket of water.

All In service of Arunachala Ramana.

Some of these women visited Arunachala Holy Hill.
Some yet to visit.

This entire work is for Celebrating Sri Ramana's Birthday.

The Secret of our effortless activity.
Firm Dedication to work.

So the Cooking Started at all stoves.

Coconuts are grated.

1000 kgs of Rice is used. 
All dontated by hundreds of People.

All Provisions are Ready.

Now cleaning Process of the Kitchen.

Some More finishing touches.

Everything is moving on within time.

They are waiting at stoves  }

Complete it within time given .

The cooking is in full swing.

All Vessels are filled with food items.

And all preparations for cooking is over.

Rangoli Decoration in front of
Sri Ramana's Temple.

This girl is doing this work since childhood

She made her first steps in this Ground.

A Dedicated Devotee from Siripuram Village.


All preparations are over with Sri Ramana's Grace.
Everyone is ready to Participate in Sri Ramana's Birthday.
Ashram is Ready to receive 15000 Devotees.
All Are Welcome at Ashram.
Come to Ashram.
Join with Ashram.
Assist the Ashram.

Let all of us  travel together 
The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.

The Reason for This Entire Celebrations and 
so much of money and efforts by people , do You Know ??

Swamy Ramananda Says

""All our efforts and money spent on this event,  is for a Purpose,
All our efforts are nothing, if it Gives a Good Spiritual person.
At least one turns  into the right Path, that is enough for paying all these efforts.

Even Ten Events are Not Equal to that Single Person who makes some difference in Society.""


That Person 


You want to know about Your Previous Birth???
Just Wait.
First You know about this birth.

Do You really taken Birth ??  Who are you ??.

Knowing answers to these two questions is important.
The Details of Previous Birth and its relations and things,
If you know those details you will suffer with lots of distress.

So amnesia of those details is granted to You,
Granting of that Amnesia is also Gods Grace.

If one knows himself as sinner in previous birth,
Then he will repent of his past sins now,
He will further go down into deep distress and fall from dignity.

If one knows himself as a virtuous Man in previous birth,
Then he will behave with lots of pride and ego and fall from his
Credibility and become a useless person.

So not having any trace or anything about 
previous births is for our welfare only. 

All those things are covered under
The screen of illusion over your mind.

That is also called as God’s Grace.

-----Sri Ramana Maharashi

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