Saturday, October 24, 2009


Arunachala Ramana, Arunachala Shiva and Nandieshwara In Ashram.

The Holy River Godavari, Near Ashram.Your Journey Begins.

Your Search for Peace Of Mind.

In Ashram You will Get It ???

In Forest You will get it  ???

With Gods Grace You will get it. Which is there Inside You. 

Whether You are a House Holder, 
Or a person who went into forest by renouncing all , or
one who has flown to sky or

 wherever You Go, Your Mind will follow.

 Ego  is the root cause of all Thoughts.

If You go to a Forest or An Ashram , 
there You create an Ashram Atmosphere instead of family atmosphere.

But All Your Mental Stumbling Block will remain as it is.

 In the new environment they multiply with More Vigor.

There is no use in changing the surrounding environment.

 The Main stumbling block is Mind.

 Whether You are at Home or In Forest.

You have to overcome this Mind. 
You have to Restrain It. 

When You can do that In Ashram in a secluded place, 
why cant You do it in Home. 

Where ever You are, Irrespective of surrounding Environment, 
You have to Put in efforts and Practice for Knowing Your Natural State
That Natural State of Unison with Atma .  

--- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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