Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Lord Hanuman's Grace On ALL of Us.

If You are raging with anger You will have a Blurred Vision. 

If You are Peaceful ,Clarity and clear Vision will be There.

Lord Nandieshwara, The Raging Bull God serves Humbly to Lord Shiva. 
A mighty Knowledgeable Person should always Remain Humble.

Swamy Ramananda In Sri Ramana's Peaceful Presence.

Shri Mr. Nageshwar Rao, Who has dedicated his entire life to Sri Ramana Maharshi.
He has written Number of Books and delivered Number of Lectures all over India. 
He will Not Tolerate any Indiscipline in Meetings.

Shri M.R.Nageshwara Rao, Delivered his lectures on Sri Ramana's Philosophy at Ashram.

Anger is life threatening Enemy.
At the outset it appears to be friendly with you,  with hidden Agenda, 
But you don’t know its Cruelty and raging Speed. 

It is Like double edged sword.
It destroys all Your good Qualities. 
It destroys all your meritorious deeds and merit gained through penance and Pooja’s.

Who will hesitate in doing bad things when
they are under the influence of  This Anger and Rage. 

There will be No rationality of what to speak and what Not , 
 there will be No awareness of What they are talking. 

Under its influence No bad Words or No Bad deeds are left alone, 
they will be uttered and all bad deeds will be done.

It even insults saints and good people with its irritating behavior.

The great people are they who control this ever erupting Anger, 
the raging bullish behavior, with their Intelligent Rationality, 
acts of Mercy, forgiveness in combination with

the Practice of  Self-Inqury.

With self-realization You will have friendship,
Compassion and Love towards all living things. 

You are the Atma. All others are also Atma.

The Eternal One’ness. 
The “True Self “ 

  -  Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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