Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Arunachala Shiva and Nandieshwara in Ashram.

Sri Ramana's Graceful Presence in Ashram.

These Puppies have No Knowledge about Fear and they are Desireless.

What Desires this Man Will have ???
Except Good health clothes,Shelter and Food..
The Desires will Grow with endless Awareness.
We Desire a Golf Club Membership. But For this Man that is of No Use.
He is Not aware of  it, it is non existent for him.

The Multi color ceaseless materialistic desires are ready to Consume Your Soul.

The Children are not aware of Millions of Materailistic Desirable things.
What they need is Just Toys, Clothes, and Fun.
Their Desires are limited, they are not laced with Fear.

Happy and content, The serene Face of a Kid.

Thank You All friends for entering
The Way of Selflessness - Sri Ramana's Way.
Let us travel together we all are One.

Our Natural state is Tranquility State.  

 But on our own we are embracing the Disturbance.

Then we crave for mental Peace.
In General, Everyone wants peace and Happiness. 
When we are in trouble, we eagerly wait for Peace and Happiness.

We will get relieved by temporary measures and get Satisfaction.

When we are again faced with distress, we start wallowing.

 But we don’t make any attempts for Permanent Prevention of distress

and for Permanent Peace.

For this we approach spiritual Gurus.

We try to adopt different practices.

But we will never try to find out the roots of our Distress.

We will be searching for illusionary  External happiness.
We are Mistaken here.

It is there inside You. 
Happiness is our Natural State
Which disturbs this Happiness is our Mind.
If we destroy that Ego,
What remains is total Bliss, our ‘True Self ‘.

We seek something Uninterruptedly. 
With these ceaseless desires " Fear" takes Birth. 
Fear and Desires are Enemies of Happiness. 

When our desires are not fulfilled we are in distress. 
If they are fulfilled another takes birth. 

For fear also the above rules apply. 
If one fear is gone another takes Birth. 

They are like Black Hole, We can’t fill that with anything. 

  The real Happiness comes when there is No fear and No Desire.

Conquering them is real Happiness.

A Desire less person always remains Happy and Peaceful. 
With Practice we will get this Power. 
Remembering Guru itself gives us Graceful Blessings.

– Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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