Friday, October 23, 2009


Arunachala Shiva.

Arunachala Ramana In Ashram.

Extracting Juice from Sugar Cane.

Now Man Made Artificial Flowers, Artificial Happiness in Materialistic Madness.

Gods Creation, Mans Exploitation and Extinction. and what is left is Artificial Flowers.

Don't believe What You see with Your Eyes. Materialistic Man is too Intelligent to Cheat.
In the above Picture the plant is different and flower is Different. 
A Flower is Placed there just for Photo.

I don’t have any peace in this Materialistic Outside World.

Searching happiness here is like trying to extract sweetness from already crusted Sugar Cane.

With my distressful Ignorance I could Not find “ Myself “. 
My search is like begging in this outside world,

by having a hidden treasure inside the House.

I am sailing in Murky waters by ignoring the Sea of Bliss Inside me.

I am chasing this distressful daily activities which are laced with Sorrow.

 All these pleasures will come and go in split second like lightening 
and I am not getting any respite from this search of Illusionary Happiness. 

All of us , with our ignorance ,
not able to identify what gives us pleasure and what gives us sorrow.
In this process of identification we all are accumulating  distress. 
The solution for all these problems is to identify the true Self and merging Mind with Atma.

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  1. Find me is very difficult... me is everything! But everything is not me! I don't care about house, car, money... I care about friends, loves... i've found inside me "my house" but is so hard to understood that inside is different to outside...