Friday, October 2, 2009



There are so many Bad people are there, How to Deal with them ???
There is No one Who is totally Bad or totally Good. 
Everyone is a Mix of Two.
If Anyone is Angry On You, You Be Patient.
Nobody Wants to be Angry on Others.
Certain Situations Force them to behave in that Way.
They Will Repent for their Deeds Later.
The roots of All Activities are in Mind.

We Will Tolerate all Misdeeds of our Children.
When it comes to Other Children We can't tolerate Why? 
because we are attached to "I" "ME" MINE"
all revolving around " I ".
We Should Love the Others Children also on Par with our Children. 
We Can't Do this on our Own.
With Gods Grace Only - It is Possible.  -  Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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