Friday, October 30, 2009


Arunachala Shiva with Serpant god Nagendra.
  Arunachala Ramana in Ashram.

Can You Tell me Who is Good and who is Bad,
Some may be good for You some may be bad for You.
But for a learned person they all are one No good No bad.

Good and Bad enjoying different things with different Moods Near Holy river Godavari.
Some of them are trying to have a look at Film Stars shooting In a Boat.

For You these Water are dirty These Boats are dirty, Not Floating Guest houses-  isn't It.
For Some these waters are dirty For Some these water are Holy. 
The Holy River Godavari,  Near ashram giving Livelihood for Millions.

What is this ,  A House ?? - Yes.
How can People Live in this - They Live happily Here.

Beautiful Isn't It. Still some shortages here to Live,
No Airconditioned Double Storey Building, No Sea view.

Express highway.
Good and Bad.
Beautiful and Ugly.
Friend and Foe. 
All are there in this Beautiful and Bad World.
Traveling in their Own Paths.

But A learned Person simply Stands alone Like this Floweral Plant.
Always Giving Good direction.

General Public identify themselves with this body, 
which is made of Five elements. 

These people will  have different feeling towards others like,
these are my relations, these are my friends,
these are people adored by me, 
these are people whom I hate, these are my enemies, etc., .

But a learned person will see all these people as One. 
No relations, No friends, No admiration and No animosities.

Just you think about Your own Experiences, 
When you are in Pleasant mood,
the whole word appears to be clean and clear with its Content. 
You will see all Pleasant and beautiful contents of It. 

Similarly, when You are in Bad Mood,
the Whole world appears to be Ugly and dirty with its content. 
You will think that all forces of this world are bad and acting against You. 

With this You can conclude that all is there in our Mind Only. 
This world is nothing but Our own Mind’s Creation.

It is not difficult for an enthusiastic person to Exerience True Self. 

Just observe from where this thought of “ I “ is coming from Body. 
Practice again and again. 

When Practice is not going smoothly ,You have to put in more efforts,

that is the only Option.
Bear the burdens. 

All your focus and concentration should be on self-inquiry and Experiencing Self. 
When we remove our Ignorance and the Ego, 
Then the eternal bliss will be Ours.

_ Sri Ramana Maharshi

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