Monday, October 5, 2009





Gods Grace is Important.
A Guru need not to be in a Human Form. 

First A Man realizes that he is Very Small
and Identifies that  God is there to Control this Universe with His Super Power. 

Then he Prays to God and do Service in the Name of God
.  When he reaches Eligibility Stage, God will come in the form of Guru to Guide Him. 

Know that God is within You. 
The Purpose of Guru's Coming is to guide You to Immerse You into Identifying God within You. 

With Guru's Grace only Self-realization is Possible - It is the Direct Method.

Lectures, Preachings , Meditation - are Indirect Methods.

In reality Guru's Grace is within You,  
If  with any Method You can Immerse your Mind in Atma, Grace will flow out like fountain.
God, Grace and Atma All are One.

Unnecessary discussions, Arguments are like trying to Shave our Shadow In Mirror.

- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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