Friday, October 9, 2009


Lord Shiva.
 Sri Ramana Maharshi, In Ashram Temple.
Gods Under the Shadow of Grand Divine Tree.

Grand old Tree ready for Medical Camp.
Symbol of learning, Patience, Concentration  and Dedication To any Work.

Standing Alone, it is Own Style. Individuality.  

A Plant Planted in Vast Open Area will face all types of Calamities,
All Extremes of seasons like Summer and Winter. All Extremes of  Nature.
  Even Then It Stands on Its Own.
Withstanding all difficulties by bearing them all and It Grows Like a Grand Tree. 

But a Plant Under a Grand tree will have "Stunted" Growth.

Similarly If any disciple Sticks to a Guru. 
He will not Put in efforts in Self-Sufficiency, Fearlessness, Patience
and all related to Individuality and synchronization of patience and Character.

With Your own Energy, With Your own Experiences, continue the journey of Spiritual Practice for Experiencing Self- Realization. 

Don't Find mistakes in others, Don't Succumb to Situational Pressures, If You go in Right Path, Your Silence will be More Powerful and it reflects on others.

Those who Accuse and those who receive those Accusations, All will go down the drain of Time.
Don't Give Importance to these Aspects, Set Your eyes on the goal of Self-Realization.  

---Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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