Monday, October 19, 2009


Arunachala Ramana ,Arunachaleshwara with Nandieshwara In Ashram.

Sri RAMANA' Temple In Main Ashram, Where Sri Ramananda Spends Time with Sri Ramana.

Sri RAMANA' Temple In Our Ashram, Where Sri Lakshmana,Spends Time with Sri Ramana. 

Swamy Ramananda to the left and Swamy Lakshmana to the right ,
before delivering Sri Ramana's preachings at a Satsang with Sri Ramana's Devotees. 

Our Chief consulting Doctor, Dr. Rama Rao conducting Medical camp at Ashram.

The boy's in service of Arunachala Shiva and Arunachala Ramana.

How to do Self Inquiry  ???

Self Inquiry is different from Reciting Mantra’s. 
Introspecting continuously “Who Am  I, is not Much Useful. 

The Essence of Self-Inquiry is to Move with All Mightiness 
the Mind into The Atma and to Merge it with Atma. 

I am Not Experiencing it  ??? Do I need Special Practices for this ???

Who will find You a Gold Chain, which you Imagine as lost, 
While Wearing It. 
There is No world and No Body without Atma.  
 If You Know Atma You have Known ALL. 
God and Universe all are there in Your Heart. 

Observe the Observer. 
Then You will see All As Atma. 
Then Your entire Perception about this world will Change.
Your Focus Will change. 

It is not World which has to change; 
It is Your Perception about it Has to Change. 
For this there is no need to refer to Scriptures. 
Search within. 
This is the True Requirement to reach the Destination.

How Individuality is arising out of Atma,  How to Remerge it with Atma ??

As A  Spark flares out from The fire. 
This Ego is coming out of Atma. 
In an Ignorant Person, Immediately after its Birth, This Ego merges with His Body. 

It can’t Stand on its Own. 
It needs some support of Survival, that is Body.
All these Practices are for removing this Attachment.

- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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