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There is No difference between Spiritual and Devotional Paths.

When A Person totally immerses in Devotional practices and Dedicates to God,  
He will Remove that illusionary " I ". 

In Spiritual Path he will Inquire within to find the roots of that illusionary " I ".

Both will result in removing the " I " Thought for Realizing the Atma.

The Person who abuses us is our Friend,
Because he is abusing that "I'"Me" "Mine", associated with this Body. 
Enemy's Enemy is our Friend. 
This Physical feeling of " I :" is our Enemy.
He is abusing that " I" so he is our Friend. 
and also

We should be careful about the People who praise this Physical Body.

It is very difficult to Get a Saints Darshan. If You meet one, It is better to Visit Him frequently. 
He Gives Everything in Platter.  

--- Sri Ramana Maharshi.

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